Too Slim?


The whole of England is abuzz over this pic of Kate Middleton.  Okay, maybe not, seeing as England has more imprtant things to think about right now, but whatevs!   They think she’s lost weight and looks far too skinny in this here dress.

Um, the slag was always skinny and lacking in the hips department!  By the way,  she just went through a break-up with Wills, and she’s under all that pressure and scrutiny because some folk think she’s no good for Prince William.   And by some folk, I mean Windsor Palace.  Or is it Castle?  I always forget.   That’ll wreak havoc with anybody’s tummy cravings. 


2 thoughts on “Too Slim?

  1. Jane

    What is up with starlets dropping the weight post breakup these days. Start digging into the post-breakup icecream girls!


  2. Danae

    The royal peeps are right. She’s not good enough for him. I, however, am. So, Wills, you know, give me a call, huh :D


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