Must love KEDS


Damn, this picture came out real big!   Anyways, Mischa Barton doesn’t want to date anymore  immature boy-folk and will go so far as to remain single until some mature men-folk come around.  Says Mischa:  “I’d like someone who makes me laugh. I like an intellectual guy, because I love to read. If they like movies, books and music, we’re pretty alright. . .  And I’d like someone who’s mature; God, I can’t take another immature person!”

Mischa forgot to add that the new intellectuals she would like to start dating MUST  love girls who wear KEDS and are mature enough to mix BOOZE and PILLS at Memorial Day parties.   And that they must also have a soft spot for bactresses!

P.S.  A “bactress” is a an actress who acts badly.



9 thoughts on “Must love KEDS

  1. Jane

    um yeah, I’m a bit computer retarded. I only started using the internet for fun recently (when we got wireless broadband) and I have always been really bad with computers and the net was so slow so I would only go on when I need to.


  2. Jane

    it was pretty funny.

    I was all set to go for a good graduation position and everything but then I realised the only thing I really want to do is travel and experience the world and stuff so I will only commit to a career when I find something I’m really passionate about.


  3. danae1

    That’s way awesome. I always wanted to do that, which is why I joined the Navy. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way I planned, but, eh, whatevs. I figure it’ll work out soon.

    What are you studying at uni?


  4. danae1

    I was a master-at-arms, which is military police. I got out in March of 06, and now I’m a corporal with a police department in Washington State.

    It’s time to get packed up so we can board our flight. I’ll let you know if I survived the flight!


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