Pippa Longstocking


Kate Middleton has a sissy named Pippa!   Anyways, if that weren’t news in and of itself, the British press thinks she’s a bloody clone of Kate!   The evidence they cited was the “fact” that she dresses just like Kate and has a similar layered hairstyle.   Um, sisters do stuff like this and it usually doesn’t mean shit, but whatevs.  They don’t even look alike to me at all.  But they do both look right around 12 feets tall.

I wish my name was Pippa, though.   That’s just uber-cool.

P.S.  Pippi Longstocking was my favorite raggedy-ass character when I was a kid.  Did anyone see that 80s movie they made about her?   That was really cool.

P.P.S.  Jane found some really neat clips from the Pippi Longstocking film.  Click HERE for some unadulterated entertainment. 


9 thoughts on “Pippa Longstocking

  1. Jane

    Was it the one where she cleaned the house by using scrubing brushes as rollar skates with the 2 kids next door?


  2. Jane

    That was awesome! I had it on video when I was a kid. I loved the scene where she bought icecream for all the kiddies in that home.


  3. danae1

    I totally used to work with a girl named Pippa. She was coolness. Me thinks Kate will have to be my new nemesis, if’n she’s really back with my sugar daddy, Wills


  4. Anna Domini

    JANEY! You are my Florence Nightingale!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for the Pippi Longstocking clips!

    P.S. That backflip was AWESOME. I hope to GOD that there is a soundtrack available for this gem of a film.


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