Orly got bloody denied.


Orlando Bloom got dissed by some British slag named Amy  Nuttall.   They were at a party for his play In Celebration, and he was trying to get her digits or something, and she wasn’t at all interested in his skinny, but beautiful little ass.  

A source cites him as being “crestfallen” when she up and split on him.   “There was an array of celebrities there including Amy. She looked luscious in a green T-shirt and white jeans.  Orlando seemed bowled over by her. They both chatted about acting and it looked as though Orlando was in with a chance.   But suddenly Amy realised the time and headed off, leaving Orlando looking crestfallen.”

Amy Nuttall?   More like Amy “Nutter”!   Crazy slag ass bitch!   Just kidding!  More like lucky slag.   Maybe it was the nasty moustache that turned her off.   Anyways, that’s what Orly gets for trying to hook up with  some bytch behind my back.  

Here’s a picture of Amy.   She also has a myspace account, in case you’re interested in getting the cold shoulder too.  If you put in a friend request, you can guess what happens next.  Ha Ha Ha. 




9 thoughts on “Orly got bloody denied.

  1. celebs are getting dissed left and right, god they need to get int he gym, lern some catchphrases and shih so they can catch some hotties haha

    i mean when u cant get a random gyal to drop her panties it’s sad…


  2. Anna Domini

    Oh no! Hey, I’m sure you did fine. I always thought I didn’t do so great on exams, but then they were usually okay.


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