Am I sick in the head because I think Paul Banks is hot?


Don’t answer that!   And don’t say “No,  you’re not sick in the head for thinking Paul Banks is hot, but you are sick in the head for ______________,” either.   So, as you’ve noticed it’s slow as hell in the world and there is nothing to talk about.    By the way I’ve been crushing on Paulie for years and years.   It’d be cool if we could play tennis together or something.   Or I could just look for constellations in his face.   His moles are splendid.

my-bloody-boyfriend.jpg      paul-bankkkkkkkkkks.jpg


28 thoughts on “Am I sick in the head because I think Paul Banks is hot?

  1. he’s okay if ur into that “hiv* look” which im not haha.

    also anna u think the “what do u think” posts are a good addition to the site or just kinda boring and stupid? i like them (which i guess is all that matters haha, always good to have another opinion though)

    *pronounced “hiv” not h-i-v


  2. Anna Domini

    You guys are being awfully rude to me boyfriend, Paulie! I’m like all sorts of angry and bitter right now.

    Just Kidding. I LIKE the what do u think posts! Like Daners said, makes us think a bit.

    Have you ever had Ethics in college? It reminds me of that class. The Prof would give out scenarios and say some wack shit just to get us all bent out of shape and passionate.

    I was just thinking that maybe you may want to give us your opinion after you’ve gotten some feedback so that no one gets all shy about disagreeing with your smart ass.

    : )


  3. Jane

    He’s okay if u r into the ‘fugly blokes’ type.

    sorry i’m getting nasty 2nite. Maybe I should do some posts.


  4. Anna Domini

    Yes, do some posts you evil little slag. And stop BASHING MY BLOKE.

    What’s wrong with you peeps? You izz making me CRY.


  5. Iris Wood

    No Anna, you’re not the only one who thinks that Paul Banks is hot, i think that too!!! he’s kind of weird beauty isn’t he? or i don’t know but definitely he has something… i have a crush with him!!

    (sorry if my english suck my native language is spanish :P)


  6. Anna Domini

    Iris Wood: You are my newest best online friend! Yes, Paulie is perfect just the way he is (even chubby).

    My pals are so RUDE!

    Thank You so much for commenting on my blog. Your English is GREAT. Better than ours, half the time!

    : )


  7. Iris Wood

    lol, hey new online best friend, it’s just coincidence, and i found your blog looking for paul banks, :). And i won’t steel anything Jane :) i swear. you’re a very nice person. good to know you!


  8. Anna Domini

    Danae: You need to clean your eyeballs or something. Paul is HOT. And Weirdly Beautiful just like Iris said.


  9. Anna Domini

    Hi Iris! That’s funny how you found me. We should have a long conversation about the coolness that is Paul one of these nights.

    Take Care,



  10. Candace

    As I read from someone else, “the colder he stares, the hotter you get.”

    Actually though mostly it’s his voice. Holy god man, his voice is unbelievable


  11. Candace

    Actually they said “colder he STANDS”… which sounds much better but I guess it sort of works either way

    <3 Paul


  12. Anna Domini

    Hi Candace! I like that: “The colder he stands/stares the hotter you get.”

    His voice is too awesome for words.

    I luuuuuuv Paulie. Thanks for dropping a line, sister!

    : )


  13. Candace

    Hey no prob, I love him too! :D

    It’s weird cos he seems so shy and innocent and sweet on the one hand, but dark and brooding and maybe even a little kinky/perverted at the same time (but not in a bad way)… he definitely is a complicated one

    Oh and here’s a photo I just found yesterday that you’ve probably never seen before:

    Intense huh? Rawr ;)


  14. jane121

    Hi Jane seems we gots the same name.

    Once Anners comes back on line she will be here to tell u how wonderful u r.

    She has heaps of Paulie posts.


  15. Stella

    i love how you draw a heart over him like your perez hilton or sumptin.
    i fucking love this man. i’d kill babies in name of paul!!!
    for those who don’t get sardonicism, i was KIDDING!
    but i would do some unmentionables…
    …see how i stun, see how i stun.. now i select you..PAUL!


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