I heart Keira Knightley


Keira Knightley is my new favorite British bird.  Yeah, me and my blogbuddies (Janers, & Daners) bag on her arse big time, but she says the coolest things and her style is impeccable!   And by impeccable, I mean refreshingly untainted by the dictates of fashion and mess like that.  I swear, I’m going to start dressing like this because it looks cozy as all hell and I’m hot enough to pull it off.  Just kidding! 

P.S.   Her boyfriend causes me incessant worry.  Sometimes he looks like a right handsome bloke, and other times it looks like a bald eagle animal  just peed on him. 

P.P.S.  You know what this picture is missing?  My other favorite bird, Sienner!


7 thoughts on “I heart Keira Knightley

  1. Jane

    I actually don’t mind Kiera much (except for the smoking part) it’s just really fun taking the piss out of celebrities.


  2. Anna Domini

    Aye, indeed.

    I’m not mean-spirited, am !? Except someone once said I was really far too mean to Avril Lavigne once.



  3. jane121

    NO u r not mean spirited at all. u r just having a laugh. It’s more about the humour than the actual celebrities and Avril Lavigne deserves all the crap that se gets for subjecting us to her horrible music.


  4. jane121

    I often have near accidents after changing the radio station to fast whilst on on a busy road when ‘girlfriend’ comes on.


  5. Anna Domini

    You should avoid stations that play Avril like the plague! They can’t be any good if they think she’s worth playing.


  6. Jane

    Yes mainly I do but we have limited decent radio stations in Newcastle and sometimes when there are adds on or some boring program on the first 1 swap to a 3rd one which sometimes plays her terrible shit.


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