Enter the Dragon, or something


Kate Middleton is a lucky girl.   Why?   Um, I don’t know!  That just seemed like a nice way to begin a post.   She’s tall, though!  Why did I just say that?   Anyways, she  might be making her dent in history in a whole other way besides dating Royal Blood! 

Apparently, she’s been doing some hard-core training so that she can compete along with some other slags  to form the first all-women crew to row across the English Channel in a Chinese Dragon Boat.

An old slag she went to school with says that:  “Kate’s perfect material for our team.  She’s stunning and very feminine but is incredibly sporty.  She’s the kind of girl who can take part in a triathlon, get covered in mud and an hour later emerge in a ball dress looking flawless.”

So is Britney!   Except Britney wouldn’t bother scrubbing up or nuthin.   By the way, what does Kate being ‘stunning’ and ‘feminine’ have to do with her being a good asset to a mother-f-ing rowing team?!  ‘

Oh, and here’s a pic of a Dragon Boat, lovers!




5 thoughts on “Enter the Dragon, or something

  1. Jane

    You gotz a real good point Anners. R only good looking ‘feminine’ women allowed to take part in exciting activities these days?


  2. Anna Domini

    She went to bed early. She wuzz tired. Did you know she was a cop? Cool beans, huh?

    She’s prob gonna arrest me or something.


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