Shag or Gag ?


Damn!  There are no shots of Luke Roberts from Milehigh  and Holby City on the web!  I found this one site  through the grace of God.  The bird who runs that site is awesome, by the way!   The girl pictured with Luke on the bottom is probably going to kill me if she finds out she’s on my blog.   Shhh!  Don’t tell her.

Oh yeah, the point of  all this!   Would you shag Luke or does he make you gag?  And by ‘gag’ I just mean you’re not feeling his beauty.


24 thoughts on “Shag or Gag ?

  1. Anners

    Afers: Are you serious? Tom Cruise was cute for like a year in the 1980s. You’d really shag him before LUKE ROBERTS?


  2. Anners

    She didn’t pretend very well, then, huh? : )

    Buying presents izz hard! It’s the thought that counts anyway, though! Maybe she’ll get into it laters.

    Luke Roberts is a staple on BBC. We have BBC America here, the channel where they run British TV shows.

    Never heard of Milehigh? It’s a show about a flight crew.

    All you really need to know about Luke is that he’s HOT.


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