Shag or Gag ? (Yes, again).


I’m gonna go watch 300.  Here’s another dumb post for the road.   Laters, slags!  Be back in 300 minutes.   Ha Ha.  Just kiddng.  More like 120 or something.

[ Photo filched from  Gossip Genius.  ]



24 thoughts on “Shag or Gag ? (Yes, again).

  1. danae1

    Holy Shit! I just put in 300, too!

    And eh, no. I’m not a fan of the stash. THat pic makes him look a bit like my pop


  2. Anners

    Hi Janers! Sorry. I am typing this at 3:14 am Pacific Standard Time.

    Are u gone? I was watching a movie with my sissies.

    Daners: Ponyboy and Sodapop, eh? Guess I’m a Soc!


  3. jane121

    Hi Anners.

    Some douchebag who was walking along the path in front of me was smoking and now I smell like that dang smell of cigarettes. I’m pissed off.


  4. jane121

    I shouldn’t be socially acceptable. My friend has a hot french guy staying at her place (exchange or something) anyways he said he works at a bar and every time he goes to work its like chains smoking all night long and even after he showers he can still smell that terrible smell on his skin.

    My grandpa once did a case where a girl who worked in a bar got lung cancer and sued. I hope she got the bastards.


  5. Anna Domini

    oh, there’s park not too far from my house with a lake. I usually walk around it in the evening.

    A Hot French Guy? That’s an anomally! Just Kidding. Yeah, that smoke is gross. I hope that chick won, too.


  6. jane121

    Lakes are awesome! ur evening walk sounds nice. I used to walk a lot but now I spend all my time on the internet.


  7. jane121

    Anna I sorry but I think someone may have crept up to ur hot boyfriend whilst he was sleeping and gave him a good bashing with the ugly stick.


  8. Anna Domini

    Sharks in a lake, Jane? That’s bloody awesome!

    Yes, the evening walks are fun and gorgeous. It’s the only thing this godforsaken town had going for it.

    P.S. stop BASHING my bloody boyfriend! : )


  9. jane121

    It’s really big and attached to the ocean (and it’s not awesome coz i’m too scared to go swimming nowadays.


  10. Anna Domini

    Oh, dang! That’s a big lake!

    Okey, I bloody well better get to bed. My eyeballs are starting to hurt!

    Nice chatting, Janers!


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