Guess the slag.


Or don’t!   It’s Victoria Beckham.  You’ve prob seen this 100 times already today, and sorry for that, but hey, I’m bored as hell and I am desperately trying to knock that fug picture of Courtney Love off this page. 

I think Pubescent Posh is cute!   The slags at I’m Not, however, strongly disagree.


11 thoughts on “Guess the slag.

  1. Jane

    I’m sad, my heater just broke, there is a lovely sunset but my camera died and I think the Salmon I just ate has made me ill.


  2. Jane

    I only had 2 bites. It was from last night and I got it out of the fridge and it smelt like canned salmon (or worse) so I gave it to the cat and ate some chocolate instead.


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