Is Rupert hot?


He sort of looks like my boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, but then he sort of really doesn’t.  Dude has a weird ass face!  I think he needs to go back to the longish brown hair.  If he does that, maybe then I’ll shag him.  BTW, he was in a really cute movie called Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont and I just saw it, which is why I am troubling you all with this pointless post.


4 thoughts on “Is Rupert hot?

  1. Jane

    sometimes he looks hot, sometimes he dosen’t. One thing is for sure tho, this couple needs to go out for a few more meals.


  2. Cait

    In that shot there, he bares a striking resemblance to Orlando. Hmm, I think it’s the nose. But from what I’ve seen of him lately, he’s lost that little bit of appeal he had going for him.


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