Ooooh! I’m telling Rupert!


Keira Knightley was spotted hanging out with this dude in London, and the whole world is now worried that she’s two-timing Rupert.  If she is, I don’t blames her because that particular bloke has seen better days.   Just Kitten.   Anyways, why am I posting this?  Oh yeah, because there’s no bloody news to report from the shallow world of gossip.

We’ll probably find out tomorrow that this dude is her cousin or something.



One thought on “Ooooh! I’m telling Rupert!

  1. Jane

    He is kissing her on the cheek. It is at these times I feel sorry for Kiera coz she is an actress and dosen’t want all the attention like Paris/Posh. Talk bout making rumours out of nothing.


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