Brad Pitt is a boring wanker


Robin Givens has gone on record saying that she finds Brad Pitt an intolerable bore.  She used to date him back in 1975 or something (okay, 1989?), and says that she finds the whole Brad Pitt obsession in the world completely “hysterical” and mind-boggling.   Says Givens:  “I mean, Brad Pitt was hot, but I don’t know if I find him to be so fascinating, to be perfectly honest.  I see him differently than everyone else.  Whenever I see him in the magazines with Angelina Jolie I just crack up.  I think it’s hysterical!”

Bear in mind that this chick once had the good sense to marry Mike Tyson.   By the way, it’s a sad day when your first flash of celeb news is a GD story about Robin bloody Givens!  This bloody Monday better gets better — and soon.  Sorry for this, folks.

Here are some pics of Robin at a booksigning for her book called “I Used to Shag Brad Pitt.”  Just kidding.



8 thoughts on “Brad Pitt is a boring wanker

  1. jane121

    Um yeah he is interesting coz he is with Angie and has 4 gorgeous kiddies and does all the goodwill stuff. He’s not the same Brad she dated 300 years ago.


  2. haha whenever i see someone w/ fried edges i wanna rub grease allover their head haha

    robin nobody cares about ur old tired stories from a decade ago…

    she’s just mad that she’s not a PYT anymore and no celeb men wanna mess w/ her haha


  3. mo

    I also find the whole Brangelina a bore!!! I agree with Robin. Just because she dated him in the 80’s doesn’t change the character he STILL has! I’ll give Brad Pitt his props, he’s a damn good actor, but what else is it to this guy…. He’s not unique. ok he’s cute, but there are SO many other entertainers who are WAYYY more attractive… inside and out! what turns me off about this guy, he has cheated on every girlfriend since he has been in Hollywood! The guy can’t keep his pecker in his pants! And it is ONLY a matter of time before he and Angelina ends in disaster! They are both screwed up! Angelina’s father was right when he said he should have gotten her help.


  4. Robin Gibons might not be the brightest lightbulb marrying an animal like Tyson but she was smart enough to rake in 10 million on the divorce. As for her comments on Brad Pitt ‘ well he like her married a loser but hes not going to walk away with any payday thats sure. Who care ‘ don’t even know why I’m even bothering to post any of this actors are best left on the screen and we really don’t need to know what thier into in private lives cept people wit hnow lives that keep the tabloids going and wait in the rain for hours to see some dumb ass actor walk by sheesh !


  5. iris

    I also think he’s a complete bore. He doesn’t seem to be very intelligent in interviews. Angelina is way more interesting! I’m sure Brad is lousy in the sack too!!


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