Dear Paulie,


Dear Paulie,

I’m going to dump my lame-ass boyfriend in a few days.  I am just writing to tell you that I am  now available for dates, bitch!   You better call me or I’ll rip off your ears or something.  Just kidding, Paulie!  I just bought the new Interpol album and I really dig it!   Only like 2 songs suck.  Why is everybody hating on it?  Losers!


32 thoughts on “Dear Paulie,

  1. Janners

    There was an interpol song on the radio today and I thought it was bit crap. Which songs are that crap ones? Should I buy this album?

    it’s funny when u bitch about personal issues. I was thinking about having a rant bout being unappreciated at work


  2. Anna Domini

    Hi Janers! Yes, you should buy it, ya crazed slag! Um I can’t say which ones I thought were crap because that would unfairly prejudice the songs.

    P.S. Yes! Do your work rant! This is a forum for crazed and unstable SLAGS.


  3. danae1

    I agree with Janers. What good is a blog, anyways, if you can’t complain about punks in your life, or peeps u want to shag? Shit, I for one, am all for it!

    And I’ll be back in like an hour, so you slag best be!


  4. Anners

    Yeah, I know. I’m just pretending I don’t see it.

    You should go buy! How bout I buy it for you, because you’re so cool? Yes, Janers needs a treat!


  5. Jane

    mmmm yes u can post it thru the internet hehe.

    I just tried to buy some shares and i’m freaking out. I don’t know whether is worked or not.


  6. Anna Domini

    Shares? I think this may be an aussie lingo thing.

    I’ll email you a list of all my fav Interpol songs and maybe you can just listen to them online.


  7. jane121

    I’m hoping that by buying shares i’ll cure any gambling desire and I’ll stopping putting money in the pokies when I’m drunk.


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