Janers, you need to dig this man!


Hi Janers! (and all those who have not yet gotten themselves the new Interpol album)    Yes —  Go buy “Our Love To Admire.”   Paul is too cute.  But that’s irrelevant.  I love this album and I don’t know why peeps are hatin on it.   My favorite songs are Pioneer to the Falls, No I in Threesome, The Scale, Pace is the Trick, Mammoth, Rest My Chemistry and Wrecking Ball.   The other songs I am not feeling yet, not that I ever will,  but that’s my own private problem.  Janers, if you didn’t live in Australia, I’d buy this for you and mail it, but I’m afraid the shipping charges would be astronomical.   

* Here’s a version of  “Evil” from theirAntics’ album, when they performed live on Craig Ferguson; Paul is such a GD cutie pie!  

More Paulie Pics!


A pic from his chubber days.   He was still super cute, maybe even more so!


Who is this bitch?  I needs to kill her.   Oh, kidding.



Do you know GD hard it is to find pics of Paulie without the cigarette that lives in his face?  I had to put this one in though, cuz he’s using a bike as transportation.


He’s crying ‘cuz I missed his show. 


Perfection!   Oops, another ciggie!  Toldja that thing lived in his damn face!  Is it wrong to want to jump in this picture and shag a bitch senseless?   Call me, Paulie!


Aw, now that’s a cute ass outfit.   


When he holds his hand like this in pictures, it’s code for:  “Anners, you’re my main slag and you’re the only bird I’ll ever shag.”


6 thoughts on “Janers, you need to dig this man!

  1. jane121

    He’s kinda cute in the second last pic (he’s smiling).

    I’m getting bagged out big time today. It’s cool when peeps disagree with what I say as long as they joke and be funny about it. This blog is supposed to be lighthearted.


  2. Anna Domini

    I noticed! I was just about to go defend you and then you beat me to it!

    I thought Georgie Porgie was married though. Maybe he’s just not “the marrying type” anymore ?

    Yeah, and those aren’t the hottest pics of Paulie, but he had a ciggie in all the other ones and I knew that’d piss you off.

    ; )


  3. jane121

    Well can he give up the GD cigarettes! they are nasty.

    I hate it when people hate on us when we post. Don’t they understand light hearted humour? It’s not like I could really give a stuff about MANillo or George Cloony.


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