More news on the Paul Banks front:


I know I said I’d stop with the Paul Banks stuff but I’m like addicted to the Interpol Message Board!   Here are some more hot conversations about my boyfriend.  Ha Ha.  


i’m so delightfully shocked that someone else (ok, more than one) noticed those thick ass thighs of his.  there’s some power in meat like that ,you know.

fucking hot…’nuff said.





This thread is for posting photos, not inane commentary ad nauseam. 
Let’s get back on track, please. thanks-




May 3 2007, 07:05 AM

QUOTE (the nyc specialist @ May 3 2007, 03:55 AM)

no seriously.. have you seen his ass!!! lol

IPB Image



May 3 2007, 08:44 AM

sometimes, if i read the paul thread too much, i feel like throwing up.
you girls are too much, haha. 
i sincerely hopw he doesn’t get bored one day, takes a gander and see how much girls want in his pantaloons… 
wait… i think he knows that already.

This will be the last one, I swear.   For today, anyway!   Hee Hee.


11 thoughts on “More news on the Paul Banks front:

  1. danae1

    menfolk obsessions are the best. Ah, my Kiefs. Your Paulie. I could never hate on the flood of Paul posts, cause you don’t hate on the flood of Kiefs posts.

    My Kiefs, however, could kick your Paulie’s arse. Now what! Say sumthin!


  2. danae1

    Hello, he’s still Jack Bauer. Like you’d wanna fuck with Matt Damon after playing Jason Bourne. It’s like that with Kiefs.

    I know.


  3. Just like you, huh? That Tangier sequence was HOT by the way. Matt Damon got a whole lot more attractive all of a sudden.

    Anways, you need to deal with the fact that Paul has looks that can kill. And they bloody will.


  4. danae1

    Yes, yes. That is why I am secretly in love with Jason Bourne. DUde, the whole time it was on we was like, no muthaeffin way. And then, of course, “that’s cause he’s muthaeffinf Jason Bourne!”


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