Shag or Gag ? Edgar Ramirez


So I just saw The Bourne Ultimatum the other day and Edgar Ramirez is a hot piece!  All shag and no gag!   He was also in Domino with “Keirers” Knightley.



14 thoughts on “Shag or Gag ? Edgar Ramirez

  1. danae1

    God he was fantabulous in that movie. I would shag him, oh yes. But, is it wrong I was yelling “shoot him in the GD head, Jason” after the car chase scene while Jason was driving the NYPD patrol car? And is it wrong I heart watching Jason Bourne movies with my two bestest guy friends cause they say shit like, “That’s right, cause he’s muthafucking Jason Bourne” after most action scenes? Don’t worry, we aren’t screaming in the theatres. SOme1 I know *cough cough* has Bourne Ultimatum *cough cough*. I will, however, deny this. If ever asked again.


  2. Ha! I was like “Don’t blow that beautiful GD face off, Beyotch!” And Jason Bourne listened to me! Maybe he’s gay!

    And you should always watch movies with peeps who enjoy them. Betters that way.



  3. danae1

    Kiefs is giving me the go-ahead to kick yo arse.

    I’m trying to write. I have this whole scene in my mind, I’ll be GD’d if I can’t put it to paper. Sucks monkey balls.

    Yes, my peeps are retarded, which makes movie watching with them much more fun. We rendezvoused with the other patrol boat last night, tied up to each other, and had a movie party on the boat, cause it was all cool peeps out there last night. Again, I will deny this if ever asked again.

    And, no denying. Jason Bourne’s gay. No, not really. Gay men are pretty


  4. danae1

    Shit, we need a yacht. It’s stuffy with four peeps on a 24 foot boat. We needs a entertainment system, too. But, me thinks the captain wont go for it. Sigh, I have to go back to real patrol rotation on Thurs. *sniffle*


  5. danae1

    Like I gots to go back on the road and actually start to do things. I was on the boat last night with my bud, Frank, and we were just talking about how lazy we’ve gotten, me over the past five years, him over the past twelve. Hell, he doesn’t even bring paperwork with him anymore. Sigh, sometimes I get a wild hair and decide I like regular patrol, then other times, I pray to the gods we get a full time “just patrol boat officers” instead of rotating from Patrol to boat. I just need to publish me book, so I can quit and work from home. Fo sho


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