Daily Paul Banks Reportage


Hi folk.   Yes, I was at the Interpol Paul Banks messboard again today, and as usual,  I was nothing but entertained.  Do you guys read these posts?  If not, you’re missing out on some seriously sick shit!   I love these girls!   Us Banksy groupies are the best psychotic slags in da vurld.   BTW I did not write any of these.  This shit is for reals.   


May 18 2007, 02:21 PM

it must be said that i love blondes. being a very dark haired person i’m attracted to what i don’t have.

paul banks definitely has some beautiful motherfuckin blonde hair-ok?
but he needs to cut it- ALL OF IT- off.
for once i want to see his face.
he’s knows it’s spectactular so why doesn’t he show it off?

quit hiding behind your hair,man!
deal with the fact that you have a pretty face.

QUOTE(CurePol @ Sep 19 2006, 12:09 AM)
Photos only. The last eight posts have been deleted. Cut out the personal speculation please.

QUOTE(tralac @ Jul 30 2006, 11:38 AM)

At first I thought it was Paul, but now I have my doubts. Let’s break it down, shall we?

1. Where are the moles? We know he has them on the front, so why not the back?

2. That person is too small. Unless this is an old photo, when he was in his early 20s and smaller, then maybe it’s him. Now, he’s filled out some.

3. The hair is Paul Bankish though.

Damn you, Abbey Drucker, I bet she put that picture up just so we would be asking ourselves, is it him, is it, or maybe not? Toying with our emotions! tongue.gif


Aug 29 2006, 03:37 AM

Jesus please, I think you all sound just a little too curious. It’s acutally scary to think you all put this much thought into a photo of someone sleeping. Let’s just move on.




16 thoughts on “Daily Paul Banks Reportage

  1. jane121

    I just told Danners I got a little creeped out when I did an image search of him.

    I love it when u post these psychotic slags tho.


  2. I knews it! Yeah, Paulie can look a little crazy sometimes.

    By the way, I am posting this psycho slag stuff everyday. Hope they don’t try to KILL me or nuthin.

    I mean, I dig Paulie, but I could give a damn about his private life. They count his MOLES. : )


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