Did you honestly think I’d let another day go by without a Paul Banks Post?


If you did, then yo’ crazy arse is crazy! In case you’re new here, be cognizant of the fact that I think Paul Banks is cute — and that’s it.  Just for fun, I like to see what cool slags are saying about him in the message boards: 


ohmy.gif – je..je….sus Chri…s..t…. i have been noticed his ..nec.neck… ohmy.gif
BETTER NO CRIS….. ph34r.gif
burn you Banks!!!!
I will need to apply my investments on another banks, this(he) is saturated of Devil´s hands!!
cool.gif sad.gif


 Jul 12 2007, 08:08 AMQ

QUOTE(Lexy @ Jul 11 2007, 11:20 PM) *

I’m really really sorry, and I hate to admit it…but the whole outfit is very tacky.. trousers and shoes could go, no probs, but the medal and the ski cap in such heat….and believe me that’s probably the first time that I’ve said something bad about “holy Paul”..forgive me all…and of course he looks hot just the same, he’s fit…blah blah..I know
and also, what a difference with the smart and classy outfit at T in the Park??


16 thoughts on “Did you honestly think I’d let another day go by without a Paul Banks Post?

  1. danae1

    Okay, I’m outs. Lawd it is hot in my house. I’m sweating like a whore in church!! Or is that because Danny’s on the screen. I dunno.

    Anyway, I got to go shopping and get health food (read: donuts).

    Anners, have i told you lately that I luv u?! You r the wind beneath my wings. And ur obsession with Paul and Orly makes me feel tons better about my obsession with Kiefs and Danny


  2. jane121

    Did I ever tell you that your my heroooooooooo?

    Elizabethtown is on the TV. Pre-fug Orly is hot but this movie really stinks.


  3. Janers, you’re everything I wish I could be…

    Yes! Pre Fug Orly is a hot bitch! Were you talking about my Orly getting whipped was sessy comment earlier?


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