A pic of Paulie walking! (H)OMG!


Ha Ha.  I should stop incorporating the word “Ho” into other words.   No, it’s too fun.  Here’s a pic of Paulie.  I’ll add some crazy fan stuff here laters.  Paul Banks is Hot stuffs!

* UPDATE:  Uh, no I won’t add crazy fan stuffs after all.  It would just distract from his vibe.  I’m turning into one of the crazies, though — fast.


23 thoughts on “A pic of Paulie walking! (H)OMG!

  1. Janers! You better fix that! R-U-D-E!

    I thought I made a typHo… until I realized how damn far apart the ‘G’ and the H’O’ were.

    I’m HEAPS pissed off right now.


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