Oh Shizzles


The Chaser team (I often post segments of their TV show) breached the multi-million dollar APEC security operation on Thursday by driving a fake motorcade through security checkpoints. They came within metres of the hotel where US President George W Bush is staying. The police only detained the Chaser motorcade when it was turning around and after Chas Licciardello emerged from a car dressed as Osama bin Laden.

The Chaser team said they had no intention of entering the APEC restricted zone and that the the motorcade proceeded down Macquarie Street with the permission of police.

Well police just ruin everything  don’t they? Well all of them got bail so they better be back to entertain everyone next wednesday night.

P.S. How funny would it have been if George Bush had been looking out of his hotel window when ‘Osama Bin Laden’ got out of the car.


Posted by: Janers


24 thoughts on “Oh Shizzles

  1. jane121


    U know I really don’t hate ol Georgie, I mean I hate the war and everything but he just seems like a misguided unintelligent fella who is like a puppet, the peoples I don’t like r the ones pulling the strings.


  2. jane121

    yes but perhaps he didn’t understand what was happening, perhaps he really believed that they had nuclear bombs and that it would be quick and bloodless and that he would set a nation free from an evil dictator, the whole democracy thing would work out and then everyone would luv him.

    He not bright.


  3. It would have been even funnier if an aide looked out the window with, gotten excited and yelled “oh shit there he is” while jumping up and down and punching George in the arm.
    I do realize my sense of humor is a bit dotty.


  4. R'Ford

    Anti-whore bomb. When the bomb goes off it kills everybody but the vermin. Only ones left are the media whores. Ahh, the shortcuts to fame. Ride the coattails all the way to the bank see.


  5. danae1

    Although, an anti-whore bomb sounds like a good idea. In theory.

    And Osama totally works for the ferry system up here. I saw him last time I was on the ferry. Jesus also works there


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