I’m still watching “I, Clavdivs”

Messalina is Claudius’ wife.  She’s also a high-riding bitch!   She has just married another man whilst married to Claudius with every intention of assassinating him and putting her new hubby on the throne.  Too bad Claudius’ men just found out!  It’s worth viewing this video just to hear someone call her a “Hhhhhore.”

Here she is, freaking the hell out.  Damn, she’s a screamer!  Oh, by the way, Claudius was Emperor of Rome after Caligula and before Nero.


9 thoughts on “I’m still watching “I, Clavdivs”

  1. Yes! There are 8 billion best lines ever buried in these 13 hours of brilliance.

    Still looking for the clip where she gets dealt with. And by ‘dealt with’ I mean ‘Killed-ed’.


  2. I’m so pissed because that clip I was looking for is not on youtube. Why the hell would you not make that available for the masses?

    Dumb ass youtubers!

    Anyways, it was cool because she was all “Not my Head!!!!!!!” right before the gvy raised his sword.


  3. danae1

    That was way hott.

    And I was searching for the Tmobile commercials with the BFF and OMG stuff, and I cant find it either. The best stuf is always missing.

    Okay, I’m gooing to beddy bye. And maybe take your advice! Tee hee.


  4. danae1

    Oh, BTW, before I go, I totally post the video of Kiefs attacking the xmas tree. I love that man and his voice is waaay sessy.

    Night, hobag!


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