Ah, now that’s a cute outfit, Banksy

A while ago, my boyfriend (Paul Banks) showed up at The Late Show with David Letterman wearing this gorgeous outfit.  Don’t hate, he’s great.   Here are some more comments from the Banksaholics.  Again, don’t hate!   

this is one of points i would like to understand.
i don´t know why he insists to put his hair in front of his face, wearing dark glasses and use caps which cover his hair and head…

Why???? ohmy.gif
maybe Banks has ..hum..a little problem with his appearence!!???
do exist articles explainning or did he declare it?


I don’t know…I don’t think it’s a problem of self-confidence (he’s looking pretty much handsome lately…)
maybe it’s quite the contrary: he’s probably trying to avoid the “oh my god, you are Paul Banks!!” screaming fans on his way…

I can tell his self-esteem has increased…he isn’t afraid to show his nipples!! tongue.gif

ohmy.gif THIS…is a holy outfit. It is godly. It is epic. It is mindblowing. It is couture.

It is thy,

BEHOLD!!! wub.gif


31 thoughts on “Ah, now that’s a cute outfit, Banksy

  1. Stella

    fuckin a paul!
    i know this pic is hilarious. is that his medal he won at tennis camp?
    this was for their david letterman performance a few months back.
    i want to suck the hotness from his face.


  2. I don’t understand why all menfolk don’t dress like this, Stella!!! Hee Hee. Yes, this pic is old as hell, but this is my favorite Banksy outfit.

    Did Paulie win a medal at tennis camp? I know he plays tennis, but I really don’t delve too deep.

    How cute if he did, though, because I luvs him.


  3. Stella

    me neither. why don’t guys wear more white shoes? please can i get a witness?! the way that shirt just hugs his newly found pecs and his nipples poking out. uuuhhhh yeah!
    haha. we are ridiculous. i have only had one encounter with the man and it was shortlived but long lived in my memoir.


  4. Stella

    HEY, was just listening to stella was a diver and i had to drop by here…

    yes yes.. i met the bankster. or shall we call him bankstar!?
    i went to their la show when antics first came out and when carlos d was still dj-ing afterwards. anyhow, i found out carlos was spinning at the beauty bar after the first show (it was a two show gig for la and i went to both) so i left the concert early thinking it was going to be hell at the beauty bar. when i got there i was the first in line. god i’m a dork. anyhow, i stayed all night long watching carlos spin and dan acting like a little wallflower he is. no paul in sight until i go into the back room and there he is! omg, i sat and watched him, slyly, for the remainder of the night. as 2am dawned, they started clearing out the room but the security guy liked me and let me stay. it was awkeward standing there while the guys and their friends are still chilling and so i finally buckled up all my courage and walked right up to him, shook his hand and said” paul, its such a pleasure meeting u. thanks for a great show tonight.” he said thank you and gave me a hug. thats my story. after that, he and some friends left the bar and jumped into a blue bmw.
    i hope to have another story for you after i see them in frisco..


  5. Banksy hugged v? Bytch!!! Just Kidding. OMG — How sweet! I’m so happy for your Banksy moment, Stellers!!

    I’m going to the San Francisco one too. Maybe we can tag team him.


  6. danae1


    And um, when they iz like is that a new cell phone? And whats on his key chain? Is that a new key ring? I get scared a little. It’s okay for me to be obsessed, tho


  7. danae1

    Yes. The paint stains. Scary.

    vr obsession makes me feel heaps better abovt mine!

    Okay, I’m going to go to bed. Kiefs is calling. He saw the commies on the aforementioned blog and iz scared. I gots to go comfort him.

    HA! I’m a tard


  8. Stella

    we must meet up at the san frandisco show for sure! i will have my bf for shoulder support to hoist me up. when i went to the vegas show, i had him prop me up a few times and daniel and paul both smiled at me. i am always up front so i have to garner their attention any chance i get since there are more hardcore banksy psychos(raising hand) out there.
    ahahaha i looove u!


  9. That wovld be hella fvnny to meet vp! Me go with me sister and svm fwends. Possibly we do lunch near Civic Center. Me know good German restavrant. Yvm. Mein Kempf.

    No fair you bring boyf to hoist v vp so Pavl can see you. No fair Pavl smile on yov (ha Borat) previously. No fair Pavl Hvg v previovsly.

    So we do a tag, I get PB first. It only fair.


  10. Stella

    yes love, it’s only fair you get first dibs! i will scavange for the leftovers. haahahaha
    let’s do meet up and my bf will hoist u up so u can make eye contact with beautiful boy paul.
    oooh, i can’t wait! less than one month to go. oh and any chance u are going to see moz? i am gonna catch his last show at the palladium


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