My, that’s a pretty top!


Um, there’s no news here.   Did anyone watch that Britney Spears performance at the VMA’s?  I saw a clip somewhere and it looked like Rihanna was laughing.  Was she? Or did I just dream that up?  How bloody rude!   People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!  And people who wear fugly shirts shouldn’t wear fugly shirts.

P.S. I’ve been in a hospital ALL day looking after my mommy.   Depressing as hell!   Forgive me if I’m being a whole lot dumber than vsval.


7 thoughts on “My, that’s a pretty top!

  1. we love mommy!!!

    um, the top is to draw attention away from her scandalously large alien forehead… either that or she’s an alien pet and she’s on a torso leash… either way that bitch is an alien.

    britney needs to get her ass whipped and sent to bed with no dinner n shit.


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