Pavl’s GD Neck!


Okay, I braced myself and went back to some boards today.  They like Paul’s NECK.  It’s nice and long and that means something to them.  I’ll spare you all the “OMG that NECK!!!”  comments and just grace you with this particular gem from a slag named Orestes.  Orestes, are yov a chick or a dude, though?   Whatever you are, this is the greatest thing I have ever read in my life.  


Guys who are bulky with muscle just look WRONG! Paul is just about the perfect size even though he still looks very good when he puts weight on. Who wants to wake up next to a man with no neck!?


* Anners hearts Pavl!   

** Stellllllaaaaaaaaa  found the new ‘No I in Threesome Video’.   It’s in the comments!


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