Dear Paulie,


You have my express permission to hit Daners on da back of da head with those drumsticks for all the nasty things she said about you.   Feel free to beat the tar out of Janers, too, because she did that post that insinuated that you looked like SaMANtha Ronson.   The NERVE of those slags, Paul!

By the way, the Banksaholics are in an uproar over your Mucha inspired tattoo.

* Did I really just compose this post?







30 thoughts on “Dear Paulie,

  1. Stella

    there was much speculation that paul got a tattoo. so it’s tru and it looks really beautiful. he is so the man of my dreams.
    seriously paul, put me in your buick and sing songs into my lips, PLEASE?!?!


  2. anners

    Trovbs. You could have left Rhianna out. Wot a brat!

    Janers: wot da hell is this abovut?
    sorry i accidentally deleted ur comment when i deleted mine, couldn’t have anners seeing that.

    Daners: I jvst don’t trvst v anymore.


  3. anners

    Hmm. Wot did Jane say? BTW she’s evil to delete crap and then add “Oh, Anners is gonna kill me for that so I deleted it.”


  4. Alphonse Mucha, I think, Annie. He was an artist. I’ll post a link for you when I get a moment. And I’m so sorry your comments keep going into moderation!

    You must tell me about your Paulie meeting, though!

    : )


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