Keira Knightley says the damndest things!


Seriously, I think someone in Keira Knightley’s camp is embedded with the Associated Press or something because every time she coughs, vomits, or stubs her big toe — there it is, ready and waiting for the world to digest.  

The latest:  Keira doesn’t know when menfolk are coming on to her.   So sayeth Keira:   “Dating is always a difficult thing.  And to tell you the truth, I’m so dim that I don’t notice when a guy is coming on to me anyway.  Subtlety absolutely doesn’t work with me – you have to be extremely blunt.”

Extremely blunt and extremely ugly!   Have you seen the Rup lately?  He looks like a nasty old rag!  (Sorry, I quote Pete Doherty because he is the greatest scholar of our time).

By the way, I believe the ‘dim’ part.   Damn, she grates!  She also needs to shut her pie-hole already, because everything that comes out of it these days is rubbish.   Also, at the risk of  being gross, there is actually at least one way she really ought to know when a guy is “coming” onto her.   Or maybe she’s dimmer than she thinks she is. 


6 thoughts on “Keira Knightley says the damndest things!

  1. Stefan

    why in the fuck do you people spend so much time talking about OTHER people?? come on … get a life. i wonder what the masses would say about YOU if they read all of your blog posts, comments, and critique. I’m sure that you would be sooo much better, of course . . . haha *tries not to choke*


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