To the Anonymous slagHo who left me a sweet comment:

Hi dumbass!   I got your comment.   It went into moderation and I accidentally deleted it.  Shaky trigger finger.  If I remember correctly, you posted it on the Britney Spears post, and you said something to the effect that people who left comments on blogs like this were losers or something.  Pardon moi, but what the bloody hell did you just do?  Hmm?  Did you leave a comment on a blog like dis?   Gasp!    

Just read the comment policy next time.  It’s where I urge folks such as yourself, to bugger off  if you aren’t into gossip blogs.  Why are you here?  Why did you stay?   Seriously, I’m not even riled.   I just didn’t want you to think I didn’t get your message.  Thank you for writing, though!  You are entitled to your opinion, even if it smells weird. 

But really,  stay with Garrison Keillor’s A Praire Home Companion blog if that’s your standard fare.   I also have the sinking suspicion that people like you who rally around folks like Britney Spears when they are being ‘attacked’ (even though all I did was state the obvious), probably don’t even help blind people cross the GD street.   I would also strongly urge you to refrain from trying to sass peoples who are light years ahead of you in the realms of charm,  vigor, and taxidermy.  

Vae Victus,



13 thoughts on “To the Anonymous slagHo who left me a sweet comment:

  1. jane121

    That must have been one nasty comment for u to retaliate.

    What a douchabag to come on here at tell us we are losers. It’s like us going to a britney spears fansite to tell them they are losers (they are but y would we bother).


  2. harlequinsgazette

    Do I need to hurt someone? You should have left it here and let us rag on her…maybe it was someone famous reading up on themselves.



  3. danae1

    Let alone type sentences^

    And, no I took the day off casue I did tons of shit for my sergeant yesterday, getting our fleet of cars cleaned, vacuumed, detailed and shizz. I was exhausted and I’m sore as fuck today


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