The Camera Lurves V, Banksy.

Here’s a video clip of Pauly saying something like “I don’t like the camera, and the camera doesn’t like me.”  Modest Ho!  It’s the video for No I In Threesome.  He hates being in the videHos, peoples!  You can all just skip the video and listen to my boyfriend talk, though.   Just watch the first minute or two when he and Daniel Kessler are yapping because its cool.

P.S.  Photos of Banksy wearing this outfit will never die!



P.P.P.S.   You whores at Vistalux need to get a GD life!


17 thoughts on “The Camera Lurves V, Banksy.

  1. stella

    i was gonna leave ya that video yesterday but i forgot. guess you beat me to the punch..
    but yes, that whole interview is funny. daniel is so cute with his smirks. but paulio, the camera luuuuurrrvveess u! he is just being fuckin modest. he knows he’s hot.


  2. Hi Stells! Modesty is HOT. OMG I just heard that if it rains they will cancel the outdoor concert thingy on Kimmel! I just bought my damn plane tickets!

    Better not bloody rain!

    * Oh, sorry. I was on top of it for once! : )


  3. so sayeth the TypHos, so mote it be.
    and don’t be using me to justify youre weirdo lustings!
    by the by, my favorite part of the hokey pokey is when I get to turn myself around, thats what its all about!


  4. * Trouvblers: Not weirdo! Besides TypHos are fair game for justification purposes. Everyone knows I’m full of it, anyway, though. The Hokey Pokey is da best.

    * Stellers: I saw it on a messboard. They said the show cancles it if there’s rain. Bytches. Keep your fingers crossed!


  5. stella

    oh.. and are those the AVIADIOR glasses? cuz if so, me and banksy have the same pair! :P <—take that anners!(teehehee)


  6. stella

    did i tell you about the wristband? i have heard through the grapevine that paul wears that wristband to cover up the fact that he injects into his wrists.


  7. I stumbled across this blog while creeping on Mr.Banks in school. I don’t feel like so much of a creep anymore, thank you for that.

    September 27th, 2007 I attended the Interpol show in Dallas, TX at the Palladium Ballroom. I was lucky enough to be right in front of Paul the entire time. We had a few “moments”. Mostly because I was sobbing, I suppose.

    Anyway, after the show I somehow managed to meet the one and only Paul Julian Banks.

    Let me say this- he is the nicest person I have ever met and I feel so lucky to have been able to meet him. He was so beautiful.

    I can’t get over the fact that I actually met him, the love of my life.


  8. Hi Brittany! I’m glad that I helped remedy your stalker situation.

    I love hearing Paul stories! He sounds like a sweetheart, and it’s so cool you were able to meet him.

    Thanks for dropping a line, pumpkin!




  9. stella

    hey anners.. i hope you know that i am determined to be right in front of paul. i need to share moments like that with him. i can see us fighting over the prime real estate at the interpol concert. hahaha. i cant fucking wait! TWO MORE WEEKS!!!


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