Chub Banksy


I may have to chill with the Banksy stuff for a bit.  It’s turning into a damn messboard around here and that makes me squeamish.  I love Pauly.  I love Interpol.  But I could give a holy damn who he’s shagging (unless it’s me).   Stella and I are just having fun.   But I just freaking  converted inches into centimeters the other day!   That was for you, Lala, by the way.  Lala’s from Mexico and she’s sweet!   But no more, Lala!  Don’t ask me to do anything else of this nature, okay?   I mean I’ll do it cuz I’m nice and you’re nice, but I really don’t want to be involved in this type stuff.

* Oh, and a sweetie left a comment the other day with a link to some slag named Mia Ping.  I’m sorry, it went into the SPAM file right alongside comments from Achilles, Odysseus, and Aeneas, and it accidentally got deleted!  I’m really sorry!  Thank you for the comment, though, sugar plum!   I did get it and I read it.  : )

** By the way, am I the only loser who gets SPAM from the Age of Heroes?  I mean what the fuhc?  Is mofo-ing Medusa going to send me 800  links to her porn site, next?



19 thoughts on “Chub Banksy

  1. stella

    i’ll take chubster paul anyday, although carlos is looking like a yummy crispin glover in that pic…
    And if i were paul, i would be delighted to know that there are some cool bitches out there blogging about me! :)


  2. * Stella, Crispin Glover is not nice to lok at. Sorry, babers!

    * Brittany, I will check out your song as soon as I get a moment and as soon as I cash in my crazy card.
    Just kidding, pumpkin.


  3. Brittany! I listened to your song! I like the distortion! You are communicating with a girl who is still in love with the Jesus and Mary Chain.

    Thanks for sharing, chicka!


  4. Lala

    Anners thank you for converted inches into centimeters, i just was curious about how tall Paul is, but don´t worry never again ok?

    I really like this posts.



  5. jane121

    Anners I think Interpol’s marketing peeps need to send you a big check (or at least some free tickets and CD’s).


  6. jane121

    Anners I think Interpol’s marketing peeps need to send you a big cheque (or at least some free tickets and CD’s).


  7. Hey hey! I’m visiting your blog everyday, seriously. So you’re seeing Interpol soon? Not only is Paul splendid to watch, but they put on one hell of a show =]


  8. there is a song that comes to mind when I read this stuff, since I only joke around with Anners like that I leave the rest of you outta this, but seriously dude, you don’t see a problem with the Banks obsession?


  9. Lala

    Hi Trouble, I don´t think that Anners or I have a problem, we love banksy and Interpol what´s the problem in that??? :)

    Cheers from México.


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