Messboard Wars!


For those who don’t know:  There is an official Interpol Messboard, and there is an unofficial one and they don’t get along with each other very well.   The official messboard has moderators who tell crazy slags to shut the phuck up when things start getting too “personal,” and the other one is like the bloody Wild, Wild West or something,  because slags don’t get told anything.   Whatever.  Anyways, a sweet and haughty slag “stole” a pic from the unofficial board, posted it in the official one,  and had the GALL to call them “creepy stalkers”!   The unoffical board got wind of this, and needless to say, MANY LIVES WERE LOST.   Just kidding!  Nobody ephing died!  Here goes!   Once again, names have been changed to protect the Paulywogs. 


Stalkers?! Us?!   That’s what some members from the official message board think about this place!

Errr…I was reading that thread, kinda funny how it comes up. they’re perfectly entitled to think what they want.  And personally, I agree in a way.  It’s hypocritical of me to say that, I suppose. But speculating about a stranger’s deep personal life is a bit invasive. I personally don’t give a shit who he’s dating or whatever, it isn’t any of my business and I don’t really pay attention when people post about it. I’m not here to talk about Paul’s whatever. I’m here to talk about Paul. If Paul TALKS about these things in interviews and such, it gives an “okay” in a certain sense. But um…yeah. :P


What I’m questioning is the fact that these people don’t want the fans to talk about Paul’s personal life. I agree with you, it’s really invasive speculating about a stranger’s deep personal life. But what’s wrong in talking about Paul’s weight, girlfriend and rehab? I simply can’t understand what’s wrong in that. If someone could please explain me.


i think to a degree, it makes sense. there are always going to be people who want to know more, and the reality of it is if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t have set out on a path to become famous.  however, most of us don’t want to pry or know the juicy tidbits of paul’s (or eneter any star’s name here). personally, i think being invasive and stalkeresque is taking idle internet chat to a whole new level, and i think everyone here can say they are not into that.  me, i joined because i had icons to post. *shrugs* i’m not even on IMB anymore, i found a majority of the people there way too pretentious for me. not EVERYONE, but some. and way too easily offended by things (i.e. – i made a question about bandfic and everyone jumped down my throat).


I know what you mean about the pretentious people at IMB. Many people there are too pretentious and too easily offender, as you said. I totally agree with what you said. I’m still there because it’s the best place to get info about the band. All sorts of info.  The main question is:  – Are we, who make this [messboard], stalkers? Are we deep prying into Paul’s life? 

Zac Efron

Exactly. mmh sorry to intrude in that topic, but I saw the link in the IMB,thought it was quite interesting and had to add my two cents. I personally totally understand the need to have a private life, so I can totally understand the criticism adressed to fans who want to know informations that are not directly related to the art itself, but the personal life of an artist. Private life is something one shouldn’t take away from you, even if you do some job that keep you under a public eye. So I thought Malers‘ argument quite peculiar to be honest, you shouldn’t have to choose between being famous and having a right to a private life. Famous or not, it is an right everyone must have.  But still, I don’t feel like stalker when I stumble on those informations I’m quite glad to find even of I didn’t search for them. It’s neither good or bad, it comes, I think, with the urge to know everything about an artist you love, that insatiable curiosity you can’t help to have towards someone who in a way intruded deeply in your life. I love Interpol to death, they’re part of me, so maybe the desire to know some private details is caused by the reason that makes me want to know and have each song they wrote, each details about it: passionate love. In a way they own you, and you want the same, and sometimes the music itself doesn’t suffice: you want to touch their own personal space (wanting to meet them or knowing some details of their life), or own them totally (thanks to imagination: fanfiction).  And it could be also a kind of keepsake, keeping you from transforming them into gods.


i think you should totally repost the second paragraph of what you wrote. it’s succinct and beautiful, and sums up what i was trying to say much better than i ever could.

Kanye West

it sells albums. i bet paul started this community.


I remember long ago I used to post in that forum and I just had a question, does Paul has a girlfriend? pure and simple, I just wanted to know, and a lot of people reply to me in a rude way, even banned my comment.. and I didn’t know why they were so hard to me, I just made a question and dint know they were so “nuts” about that. Since then I don’t post to almost no forum (until now) I only read. To be honest, I really don’t know why they freak about when people want to know something about their personal life… I mean, Is human nature, Is like the popular guy at college, of course all the girls would love to know who is he dating.. and is that stalking? I don’t think so… that is my personal opinion.  {rest  omitted, bytch was writing a damn novel!}


If it’s so creepy, why were they here in the first place? While I completely respect the fact that, of course, celebrities are entitled to their private lives, I find it endlessly fascinating when people find even the speculation or fantasy of fandom invasive. What is it exactly that we are doing so wrong anyway? If the objective is to find out who he’s dating so we can go harass her and tell her “he’s my man, bitch” then, yes, this is a creepy community that has indeed gone too far. In the meantime, it’s just a little harmless sharing of collective fangirling.


I agree with the comment about there´s many pretencious people on the forum. I have been there for 2 years and I really never post that much because some of the comments of some of this people just drive me mad. Like this girl that said that if paul was rude with some fan it was her fault just her fault. They just have this idea of things that are supposely to be in their way and dont accept another perspectives.  Now, one thing is to be a real stalker and sleep on the floor in front of his door (like it happened to brian molko) and another is to chatt about his life in funny ways. I think it must be strange for famous people to find out that others care about their lifes and know things about them but yep, it´s part of being famous and seriously, they knew it.  Also, I can´t see this kind of thing affecting Paul in any way. I dont think he goes to the forum taht much (maybe at all) and about this community, I can´t see how he could feel compelled to say: “ok, lets go and see what the girls are saying about me in the live journal community”, I mean, seriously, I dont think he cares a shit about us or this anyway…

Which leads me to the main point: In the forum, there´s people trying deseperately to banned us to talk about paul, and his drug use (that it was confirmed by himself despite all them were trying to say: oh, he can´t, he wont do that!), his girlfriend and all that like if they were personally insulted. and the thing is: THEY ARE NOT! I mean, they are banning things because of what they think it should be when the person that probably should decide what´s wrong and what is fine is Paul. As robert smith said once: “I´m the one who decides…”. And then, if he´s not there and he probably doesnt care a shit about what people is saying in the forum, If we keep the respect, what´s the problem? I think about the drug use, we all here were crossing fingers and wishing he would be fine and healthy if it was true, and about the girlfriend, I guess we all agree she´s pretty and surely talented and we are envious, not angry or anything (well, I´m not at least)

Finally, I think in many ways, people here knows which line we shouldnt cross and is good to come here and find out things about Paul, though strange it might be, because I like his music and I´m a curious person. And Finally, I agree with the “if you dont like it, dont come and dont read it”. as easy as that…



They mentioned this post on IMB! I’m feeling so important! They’re wasting their precious time with us, mere stalkers!  Hahahahahahaha!!!!!  As you guys said above, if they don’t like this place, why the hell do they come here? Don’t they hate this place? Why don’t they simply ignore us?  Bunch of hypocrites! They come here to know about Paul’s private life, but they’re too stupid to admit it.


[Omitted] To the person who mentioned the whole ‘creepy’ thing on the IMB…I like the fact you took photos from this community and then posted them on the IMB…so you don’t frequent the community yourself?


That’s what I said there and what I keep saying here: if they hate us and this place, why the hell do they keep coming here?


hahaha, this whole post has made me rehash my burning hatred of the select few on IMB that think they have the right to censor/criticize everyone. more power to the free board!
Carlos Dangler

“Burning hatred” would DEFINITELY be a phrase I’d use to describe quite a few people over on IMB. Did you know you’re not even supposed to comment on photos in the picture section? {omitted} I really hate how there’s this onslaught of people on IMB that try to shame people into killing themselves the minute they make one comment about how he’s attractive. Nobody is allowed to find another human being attractive now?  I mean, I joined this community because I think his lyrics are brilliant, I think he’s an incredibly talented musician, and I like to keep up with what’s going on. This place is called “Paul Banks.” It is not called “Paul’s future girlfriends, oh my god, take me now.” Nobody is here to try and hook up with Paul, and if they are, they’re sorely misguided about ways to attract somebody. We’re all here to TALK ABOUT Paul.


what everyone needs is a new fan forum, really.  i even bought a domain for it, i just need to stop being lazy and get it up.




^  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahha.  And for Lala:  ji ji ji ji ji! 


^ Thanks Lala!



23 thoughts on “Messboard Wars!

  1. jane121

    Here is my 2 cents;

    When people become celebrities they exchange their privacy for a shitload of cash and the perks of fame. It’s human nature to want to know about other peoples business, we have been gossiping for centuries and that’s why reality TV is big business.

    However, there are those who love the attention and court fame (Britney, Paris etc) and then are those who are only famous due to their work (film, music etc)and actually make an effort to keep their private lives private. The latter should be left alone – but only to a degree.


  2. Morgan

    Anners, first off…thank God you are back today! I feel honored that you used my name in place of slag x! I am sure the mess boards are gonna be crazy today since their U.S. tour started up again last night.

    If Banksy didn’t want girls drooling over him and discussing his private life, he should have never joined a band. I’m sure it has to be somewhat flattering even if some of these hos are creepy.


  3. D. Solrac

    You know, in that Dutch article that Paul did in the recent past, he mentioned himself that he would love it if a Hollywood actress would see a picture of him and call him for a date. So, he is working it.


  4. haha, that was funny, I´m quoted in somebody else´s blog *amused and gigling* … my changed name is quiet funny as well… I found you a while ago while wondering around the internet and I must say, this is a funny blog :-D


  5. * Ha Ha! Hi Zu! Thanx for not being offended or anything. I really do love messboards! :)

    * D. Solrac: Pauly said that? So not cool!

    * Hi Morgan! Yay! Good news and more material!

    Troublers: Just wait till tomorrow…


  6. Lala

    Soo funny!! They should be thinking “Make love (con Paul) :) and not war” They all are Interpol and Paul fans so why are they fighting for?. It was funny though.



  7. stella

    blah blah blah
    who cares. all i want to know is what seedy motel me and paul can meet at and so we can make some sweet sweet music? *wink wink* yeah i totally just barfed in my mouth for saying that…


  8. Malers:

    I have come to realize that my overuse of crack must be what has me discussing Paul’s life in depth with other junkies. I shall retire from this endeavor in order to purchase weed and ban myself from message boards

    Whew, that was a lot to type from a phone!


  9. stella

    totally! what the hell?! i noticed it’s phucking with yours too.
    i love the st. francis! i always stay there with my parents when we are visiting my bro. did i tell you my brother lives in frisco too?
    morrissey tomorrow. i’m going. i hope he sweats gallons just for me.


  10. D. Solrac

    This is the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. Paulitis is a very serious illness, indeed. And, yes damn his arm looks very yoga buff in that pic.


  11. alexiz

    haha you quoted me :) how exciting!
    i just found this website. it’s very good to know there are other people who are obsessed w/ mr banks too


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