Banksy’s Ashtanga Yoga Booty!


Last week a few us decided that Pauly’s arse is the direct result of Ashtanga Yoga.  Ha Ha Ha.  Yes, we need serious ephing help, but that’s our problem.  Anyways, I was thinking the messboard stuff was getting too long, so I just thought I’d share with you some of the random ass statements slags wuzz making because a few new photos appeared on the boards this weekend.  A few words —  Banksy needs to just disclose his damn height already,  because slags is seriously staying awake all hours of every night trying to figure out how phucking tall he is!

* He once walked past my husband, who’s 5′-10″ and looked about the same height.

* Strange how subjective size is. Reminds me of seeing the Mona Lisa and thinking it was ironically bigger not smaller, as is the constant complaint, than what I had expected. Now, for some reason, I’m thinking Paul is smaller in real life. It can only mean one thing – Mr. Banks and I need to spend some quality time together. All those in agreement say “ay” …

* I was very lucky and grateful to have met Paul and standing next to me I was surprised he was as tall as he was. I’m 5’6″. He’s definitely 5’10” but man does he have the longest arms… I put my arm around him and he put his arm around my waist… oh sorry, off topic. Anyways, yeah he’s taller than I thought.

* He did seem like 5’9″ or so… But it doesn’t matter, we love him anyways!

* Is that really Paul?  I’m sorry, but I don’t know his backside that well.

* What kind of fan are you! 

* Oh!  I can recognize his back, his shoulders, but not his arse.

* dear god. . . !! who did take this photo?????   and yes that backside is from Paul (or a body clone of him!).  See the draw of his legs and hip? and the derrière? he always had that kind of “traseiro” (arse) , especially hip , even if with more or less weight that hip is always there showing us clearly your strategic bones  !

* A lot of times he is wearing large trousers, but he show angles which let us no doubts!
look those pockets and belt! i think he put a sweater up his shirt.

* There’s another cola gorda pic!   Ha Ha.  Lala says that means “big ass” in espagnol!   Jijiji. 

** Thanks D.Solrac and Morgan for the heads up!




^ Old Banksy,  just for kicks.


24 thoughts on “Banksy’s Ashtanga Yoga Booty!

  1. D. Solrac

    Classic! The AYB just made my DAY… hilarious! Tell that “sanwich girl” to get her tuna-fingers out of Pauly’s hair. Gross!


  2. oh gosh, I Know perfeclty how tall is he, but I cant traslate it in measurement sistem! As I’m tall 1m point 68 cm, he is just a bit taller.. I was on pretty high heels and he was a lot shorter. so I guess he is 1m point 70 or so.. what’s in ‘ ”?


  3. D. Solrac

    Wow! He must wear frankenstein shoes! ha ha
    But, then again, I’ve never seen him without shoes on, like you have. Interesting…


  4. maybe my conversion centimetres-inches is not that correct.. not that GENIUS in math :)
    I spoke an entire night with dan and I was surprised findout he was taller than me, taller than he appears. he was as tall as me with heels, so he’s taller than Poll.
    As I pull out my shoes he was just like me.
    I swear his shoes were as ugly as frakestein-inspired! Just think he looks a bit tallers with a bit of heel. Carlos is the taller, he couldnt get into our car!ahhah.
    no, maybe Fogarino is.


  5. #

    It’s not fair that she gets to touch his hair…his “soft” hair. She looks like a Siouxsie clone.

    Comment by Morgan — October 15, 2007 @ 6:17 am

    soft and.. ahhaha, pink!


  6. ahha this reminds me when he asked me if I had a boyf and I said ‘yes’, he told me ‘I have a girlf’ and I said ‘I know eheh’ and he was like ‘ooowh, how do you know this??’..
    dear little paulie, if you only Know how many people talk about you every single day!
    humble paulie strikes again.


  7. anners

    * Hahahahhahaha! Morgan you said “soft hair”.. I almost didn’t get the joke. You kill me!

    * “Sandwich girl, get your tuna fingers out of AYB’s hair”! — is that good, D. Solrac ? :)

    * Charlieeze met AYB? Let’s beat her down! Just Kidding! Gosh, Charleeze, you are so lucky! :)


  8. D. Solrac

    To clarify, Anners, there is a picture of that same girl making a stack of about 100 tuna sandwiches for the performers at that particular festival. oooh and Charlieeze, lucky girl meeting the AYB!


  9. stella

    hot damn!
    anners, why do i come here, when you know it makes things hard for me, when you know?..
    5 more day til i see the man. i will let all you slags know how tall he is…


  10. Charlieeze

    *D. Solrac, more than luck its “I got the right acquaintances”.. my best friend KNOWS WELL Carlos.. so I met the guys twice with her around europe. Im a groupie! neeeeee
    I didnt even know who Interpol were when I met them the very first time.

    *Stella, are u going to Lala land show??? cool as phock! enjoy! squeeze his booty! go guuurrl!


  11. stella

    *charlieeeze: going to the frisco show (hopefully with anners) cuz the forum is too big and i need general admission venues to express my love to the band! going to see them for the kimmel taping in L.A. though..
    u bet i’ll be trying to manhandle paul if i get the chance!


  12. * Stella: “I’m soooo sorry… oh oh oh, I am so s-s-s-s…”

    * I missed that D. Sol! Yeah I saw that sammich pix. :)

    * Charlieeze, can your best friend help out me and Stella on Saturday? Hee Hee.


  13. Lala

    Ohhh I´m dribbling Love Mr. Paul Cola Gorda Banks. :)

    Anners and Stella you are so looky!!

    Whos the girl in the second picture?? And why is she touching my Pauly´s hair??


  14. Hi Lala! I don’t know who that damn girl is. She was spotted making tuna sandwiches. She’s probably not touching his hair, though. I think she’s gesturing. That’s what someone in the messboard said and I think they are right.



  15. googie

    … not quite sure what the urge is to stop the debate.. but i was serious.. 5’9”… 5’10” shoes on. the end. : )


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