I Saw Banksy!


My little sissy and I got to see Interpol on Saturday.  Woot!  We had to take BART which is like the San Francisco Bay Area’s version of the subway in New York, only it’s way over-priced and thus, sort of stupid.  Anyway, funny side story:  these two guys got on the train (wearing hoodies), sat down, started bouncing up in down in their seats so hard that the seats were shaking,  and sang along to some song with the lyrics “supersoak that ho” on their ipods.  Then one of them got up and started singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Badly. Off key and shit.  Everyone was laughing.  Ha Ha.  Me too.    Then they  got off on Powell Street and bytched about people crowding onto the train before allowing those who wanted to get off to go ahead and get off.

Interpol!   The Liars opened. All I remember about The Liars is that the lead singer is tall, thin, and off his tits.  I don’t remember a damn song.  It was like an interrupted set of  white noise, except it wasn’t calming.  It was funny because he kept telling us how many songs they had left.  “Two more songs!”  Hahahahahaha.  “One more song.” Hahahahahahahaha.

Oh!   We met up with Stella and her boyfriend and two of her buddies.  Peoples:  Stella is gorgeous and sweet and she bought me a pin button that says “SLAG”!   Ha!   Also, her boyfriend is sweet and adorable and so are her buddies.

Banksy wore his hair tucked behind his ears. Thumbs down!  Oh well!  He’s still hot and still sessy.  (By the way, tomorrow’s  Banksy Mess Report will be about his hair.)  The sound was a little off, but still whatevs, I dug it and had a good time.  And they did a bunch of songs from all the albums wah wah wah.  We were parked near Daniel Kessler.  He’s cute!  I only saw Carrrlos  D. a few times and Sam Fogarino just about never — some tall ass bytches were in the pit.  Wankers!   The show was luscious.  When it was over (sob), Sam said that we were the “best phucking audience.”  Blushes.  Then I went backstage and Paul Banks tried to kiss me.  Kidding.

Stella!   Thanks again for the “Slag” pin button!   I’m going to wear that all the time, even  on my job interviews.

Peace, all ye bytches!

* None of our pics came out well.  Sorry.  So I chose this one of Pauly because it kinda looks  like a hologram.  In my world, that’s cool.  If that’s not cool in your world, I feel badly for you.

** Interpol forevers!


28 thoughts on “I Saw Banksy!

  1. Lala

    Genial!! Anners so cool you ans stella had fun. And why in the hell you didn´t wait in the tour bus??? Tonta jaja, and Stella could you show us your pics???

    Well cheers and of course Interpol forevers!!!


  2. harlequinsgazette

    This is the first post that you have done Anners, where you actually get a feel for what you are like in real life. It was fun! Darlin’, I am so happy that you and sister got to see Interpol (I learned the name of the band…see you learned me something). I am very upset with you for not hanging around the tour bus!!! You so would have gotten some cool pics! But it is in a way, awkwardly romantic when you actually don’t meet them. You never know what they are really like and so your vision of them is uninterrupted. Make sense? Since you love them so much though, you would have loved waiting with Stella. My sister is 35 and hung around the tour bus at 30STM. She’s been doing that since she was like 16. Skank has a pic with everyone. How old is younger sister?
    Did you meet Stella here or on a forum? It’s so fun to meet internet people sometimes. I know I am jumping around topics, but my head is killing me and I can barely see from allergies.
    Anyways, I love that you had a splendid time.
    It’s funny that they call the transit system there, BART. In Dallas, we have DART. If you work downtown, you have to get on it and they got some rotten ass kids on there. I may blog on that train to Hades sometime.
    Okay, lemme go see what you and Janers have been up to on here. It’s been a weird weekend.


  3. * Hi lala! I didn’t wait because I’m stupid and I worry too much. Didn’t want to miss my way to get home.

    Harley! Am I too guarded when I write? I like that awkwardly romantic part… makes sense and you’re prob right. But still… I’m sort of sad. :(


  4. jane121

    Glad u got to see your Banksy Anners. Dat sorta happened to me when i saw eskimo joe, I wore heels and my feet hurt so as soon as they finished i left, the others stayed at the bar and met the band. Dammit, I could have got something signed and sold it on ebay.


  5. I saw my Banksy, Janers!!!!!

    Eskimo Joe! hahahaha. Are they any good? Remember their L.A. publicity group was going to send us free tickets because you mentioned them? I felt so important. Hahahhaa.

    How iz you, Janers?


  6. harlequinsgazette

    Guarded is good, Anners. You ain’t dodging stalkers. I wish I could be open on my blog, then I would have 20 posts a day that were actually well-written. Besides, this blog is about celebs, so we get a piece of you and Jane without knowing too much. Also, it always has a bunch of stuff on it to read. I was never into celeb gossip until you two! Actually if it weren’t for you Anners, I would have torn down my blog because of the fact that now I have to be guarded. grrr


  7. jane121

    I think they’re good. Each of their albums are very different tho, so u never know if the next one will be good or bad.

    I’m good I spose, I have to write essay and i’m trying to lose weight but I keep eating heaps of chocolate.


  8. * You need chocolate and coffee to write essays, Janers. Diet must wait till after essays.

    * Don’t tear your blog down, Harlequin. Janers and I are bad influences. Sowwy. :)


  9. jane121

    Chocolate is part of the diet – just not this much.

    Oh dear, I fear we have introduced Harlers to the evil world of gossip


  10. jane121

    I used to buy the odd tabloid – and read them at work, but now i get my gossip for free off the internet (u get it sooner as well). there is also less bullshit, they write the craziest stuff in tabloids and u think how dumb do these people think their readers are – Oh yeah, pretty dumb coz most of them are


  11. harlequinsgazette

    No tabloids. I don’t know if the show is good. It’s hard for me to sit and watch; I leave the tele on when I am alone, so I might just walk past it and see something on there. Like I said though, I don’t know who most of these people are. I did see Corey Haim on there for something. I thought he was dead. He’s not.


  12. jane121

    To what extent is George W. Bush’s “War on Terror” a viable response to the international threat of terrorism?

    How phucking easy!


  13. stella

    hey you guys!!
    so there is hecka fires goign on where i live in san diegop and it’s kinda crazy and spooky here.

    yes i met banksy!! i have some uber cute pics to share with you all but since there are evacuations in my county i cannot get organized here. i will download em and send em to anners. the show was great, anners was great! we had so much fun. still on my high!
    best part of night though was when sam, at the end, came to the mic and told us how awesome we are!
    this thursday we shall meet again..


  14. Anners

    Oh no! What’s going in so-cal, Stella? Take Care, grrrl! Thursday is going to kick arse. : )

    Sam was my fav part, too. My second favorite part was when The Liars stopped playing. Ha.


  15. Brittany

    Me “I just have a message for you from all the Interpol fans from the forum. We all support you 100% and we really appreciate what you do.”

    Paul “That’s very sweet, thankyou”

    The DJ kind of cut me off because he thought my question was just a front so I could talk to Paul… but oh well. =]


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