I missed all of you TypHo-GraphicHo Errors.    Hi Janers!  Hi Daners!  Hi TroubHo!   Hi Malers!  Hi Afro-JamaicanHo!  Hi Harlaidanquinn (hee hee hee hee hee hee).  Hi, Stellaaaaaaaaa.   


^ Janers!


Troublers:   You can borrow Tom Wisdom again.


^ The Rock aka ‘Oatmeal’ for Afro and Malers (and Troublers).


Daners!   There are now 8 pictures of this loser, Rafe Spall, on the internet.  Ha Ha.


^ Harlequin, why is it that I think you’re joking about your passion for Aidan Quinn?


^ Crispin Glover for Stells.


^ John Cena aka ‘Cream of Wheat’ for Afro-JamaicanHo.


16 thoughts on “TypHos!

  1. harlequinsgazette

    AHHH! I got on earlier today for the first time all weekend! How I missed you so! Look it’s an Aidan (ha on The Passion reference!) I was dying to tell you I watched like 4 Aidan movies this weekend, one included another damned dance scene. It was to get him out of my system. I go through phases. Soon, you won’t hear me shut up about Josh Holloway. It is so good to ‘hear’ your friendly voice again! I have to read the rest to see how the weekend went…hope you whored around. I went in a cave this weekend.

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  2. harlequinsgazette

    Ask Troubles if I can borrow her dude, when she’s having an off day. I’m Aidan-ed out this week. Okay I am lying. I stole the pic for my desktop. I was tired of looking at my own face…yes, I am that vain.


  3. harlequinsgazette

    Anners, when in the world are you a grouch? I would love to see that. Yes, Josh Holloway time should be coming around soon, then you will not hear me talk about Aidan. If Lost continues, it left on a weird note last season.
    Yes, I am that vain to have me on my desktop. Is Troubles gonna share or not? Well, if she doesn’t I’m gonna go ahead and do myself a favour and look.


  4. harlequinsgazette

    *psst…Trouble…he just left and told me to tell you ‘Hey’*

    Trouble, it’s unfair to you because I know you don’t want a piece of Aidan or Josh Holloway. But you can make fun of them like Anners does.

    God, I am so bored.


  5. harlequinsgazette

    Anners, if you look at pics when Aidan was younger…you might find him a little pleasing. He’s cute lookin’ old too. I should have married a suga’ daddy. In the last 5 years or so however, he has aged quickly. I think he may drink too much. He did have that DUI, but he is also a Pisces and they can easily become alcoholics.


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