Shag or Gag?

Old pic of Carlos Dengler!   Yeah, I don’t care if you can’t stand Interpol or whatevers…. but be fair.  He’s sort of pretty.   So what be it, bytches?   Would this v shag this bytch?

^ Carlos now.


30 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. Kelly

    okay, tell me what i’m missing. everyone lusts him madly while i don’t. and how is he charming everyone’s pants off? i’ve never even seen him smile.


  2. jane121

    I dunno Anners, maybe its coz he kinda looks like Hitler minus the stache in the first pic and he looks like a creepy perve the rest of the time. I also reckon I could take him in a bar fight – and i’m pretty piss weak.

    He is prob nice guy, I just don’t want to see him naked.


  3. * Harley: All I have to say to you is: “Aidan Quinn”

    * Kelly, I actually didn’t give a rat’s arse about Carrlos D. till he batted his lashes at me the other week… pretty eyes.

    * Janers, that was unnecessary.


  4. harlequinsgazette

    Anners, he has no package. He’s sportin’ tight jeans in the first picture. He doesn’t even have moose knuckles. Well, that’s a good thing though. They probably photoshopped them out.


  5. stella

    oh and i have a pic of carlos on my phone from when i met him spinning at the beauty bar in la.
    i’ll see if i can get it off there somehow(it’s an old phone)


  6. Janers, you are so literal! Or iz you trying to be a smarty again? The Beauty Bar is a club in L.A. Spinning records. Sheeeeez.

    Stella! Carrlos does not have the Herp! You like killing my illusions dontcha? I wanna see the pic of Carrrlos!


  7. jane121

    um, i’m gonna say I was trying to be smarty again.

    We don’t have clubs called ‘beauty bar’ where i live, there is a pub called ‘the ducks nuts’ tho – no joke.


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