Another Nonsensical Banksy Post


I was on the messboards for a little bit, and I found this thread about Interpol’s latest album, Our Love To Admire, where you list from best to worst, all the songs on the album.   All Fired Up was pretty low on these lists, and I find that all sorts of troubling!  I like that song something fierce!  So anyway, here’s my list!  By the way, this list changes every so often, so don’t poke fun.

  1. Mammoth — This song is just about perfect.  Something about it is perfect.   Plus he sings “Enough with this phucking incense.” I hate incense!
  2. The Scale — Very good song to dance dirty to.   It’s kinda hot how he says ‘pick a rose’, though…
  3. Pioneer To The Falls — Gorgeous atmosphere.  Banksy is sessy and scary and the music is just stellar.
  4. The Heinrich Maneuver — I didn’t like it the first couple times I listened to it.   But I think it’s a great song and I will stand by that till the day I die.
  5. All Fired Up — I sort of want this to be higher on my list.  Go ahead and switch it with “The Scale” if you want.  Even if you don’t want to, switch it.   This song is the business.  And for all of you on the messboard who put it dead last on your lists, you need your heads examined.  Just kidding.  No I’m not!  In any event:  I’ll take you all on, bytches.   :)
  6. Rest My Chemistry  — The perfect song for a stripper!  Doesn’t this song sound like something a slag would strip to?  I would like it a whole lot more if I didn’t get  such dirrty vibes from it…  but it’s hot when he sings “far away….”  Good groove, too!
  7. Pace Is The Trick — I used to like this a lot.  Why don’t I like it so much anymore?  More than likely something’s wrong with me and not with the song.
  8. Wrecking Ball  —  Um, I’m just ambivalent about this one.
  9. The Lighthouse  —  This shit scares me!   It sounds like a wet ghost is singing it.  A  wet ghost with a broken heart, wearing a cardigan sweater.
  10. No I In Threesome — Don’t kill me for hating this song.  I liked it the first two times I heard it.   But damn, it drones!  I hate it.  I hate.  I hate it.  “Baaaaaaaabe, it’s time, we gave something new a try……………………”  Shut the HELL up, Banksy!   I didn’t mean that.   I admire you, Banksy and Interpol.  Just kill that song for reals.  I especially hate the climax when he goes:  “Theeere’s nooooo ‘I’… in threeeeeee-some!”‘  The music’s cute, though!
  11. Who Do You Think  — I don’t ‘think’, nor do I listen!

* Morgan thank you for the pics.  Also, thanks to Girlsix and Mistress_F for posting the pics on the messboard in da first place… and Stella, thanks for the heads up about the bloody horrible pics of Carlos thread!  Here’s my favorite from that bunch:


^ hahahahaha.  High school picture.




28 thoughts on “Another Nonsensical Banksy Post

  1. me

    I think No I in Threesome is my favorite, definitely. And Mammoth comes in at a close second.

    I heard that Mammoth is popular because it reminds people of sex: it starts off sorta fast, gets a little slow, and then speeds up to a climax. :0 haha.


  2. Morgan

    Anners, I love that you did this post!!! I couldn’t agree more about your choices for songs 1 through 6, but come on….No I In 3some is a damn good song. And why the hell do all the mess board slags LOVE Lighthouse? Can’t figure that one out, but I will say this…when they played that one live in Vegas, it was hot b/c he sort of does all these sessy poses when he sings it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. D. Solrac

    Pioneer to me in the masterpiece on this one – followed by Mammoth, the Scale, all fired up, lighthouse, and mind over time.

    I used to like pace too – but now I don’t, so it’s not just you Anners! It sounds too much like a Coldplay song to me.

    That pic of Paul signing autographs is precious!!! Love the mittens.


  4. stella

    carlos looks like this hesher i dated in jr. high. ahahahaa
    and i am not gonna even rate the songs cuz i love them all equally, although i agree that “who do u think” should be put in a blender and pulsed till it’s finelly minced and i can rinse it down the drain. i phucking hate that song!


  5. * Hi Comarose! Aw, thank you! :) Sorry, your comment went into moderation because I am trying to avoid this lady who is stalking me and making really creepy comments about how lame I am for making fun of Keira Knightley.

    * Hi Me! I’m sorry! Did I trash your song? I should add that the most terrible Interpol song is better than the best Fallout Boy song anyday… Hmmm that sorta makes sense about Mammoth, actually…

    * Hi Morgan! I think they listen to Lighthouse before they go to bed (eyes closed) and imagine Pauly is whispering in their ears or something… maybe I was too hard on NIIT… it’s okay, I guess. I’m just sick of it. Ha.

    * Hi D. Solrac! Yes, it is a masterpiece… it’s hard placing songs in descending order… but, yay! — You agree about Pace!

    * Stella, don’t judge! hahaha. Thank you, what you said about WDYT is waaaaay better than what I said. Carlos is still kinda hot…


  6. me

    Yeah, you did trash my song! How dare you!?

    Other than that, though, my list is pretty much the same….I can’t believe you don’t like No I in Threesome! It’s soooooo good!


  7. stella

    sorry i also agree that no i in threesome is beyond cheesy. i hate the way he sings “no i… in threesome” it like really bothers me for some reason. i have to cover my ears and go “la la la” during that part. is that wrong? ahaha


  8. Romy

    Anners! Just got back from a looong trip on the train, and listened to the album hundreds of times. And since I’m going to meet your husband next week, I spent some time with deciding which song I like best on the third album – ya know, just to have something to talk about with him… So, what can I say: My favorite one – The Scale… (and this is bit of an ‘off-topic’ comment: because the Kessler is soooo sexy on this one, argh… I freak out when he plays this guitar really… sorry…crackin’ up here.
    But the song has to compete with ‘All fired up.’ Maybe I’ll climb the stage during this one just to show them some cool moves with this one, haha. Joking…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. * Hi Char! Yay! :)

    * Hi Romy! Do a dirty dance on stage — that’d be really cute. Yippee for The Scale and All Fired Up! And give my husband a kiss and tell him that I miss him. ;)


  10. * Hi Stella! I think we posted at the same time. Sorry, babycakes! You have good taste! Some on the messboard seem to think it’s about abortion — weird.


  11. Lala

    Hi girls! Well today my favorites are The scale, Pace is the trick, The Lighthouse and All fired Up but this change a lot because I love the entirely CD so depends..



  12. Good choices Lala. Do you like “No I In 3some”? Is it just Stella and I that can’t stand that song? Oh, and Lala: what part of Mexico are you from?

    Bye! :)


  13. Lala

    Yes I do like No I in Threesome is not my favorite though.

    I´m from the capital D.F or Distrito Federal, why? are you coming? :)


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