This Picture Is Cool Beans


There’s no story.  Just an interesting picture of Rihanna and a friend wearing superbly uncoordinated outfits.  Oh, one other thing:  Am I the only woman in the world who does not wear high heels on a regular basis?  I seriously don’t even own a pair of pumps!  The only shoes I have with a heel are my boots and some mary-janes with a tiny heel.  High heels hurt!  Why do people wear shoes like this just for the hell of it?


14 thoughts on “This Picture Is Cool Beans

  1. can we take rihanna’s frin to
    narc-anon b/c her pants are “high waisted” hehe get it… hehe!

    is riri feeding her popped corn or something??

    can someone puhlease help these two dress b/c they hav potential, buh seem to be going thru one of those “fuk effort” moods hehe!!

    u dun wear highheels!? i think trubs wears highheels like erday, they are fun and sassy to wear. i shude get myself a pair, anyone (that means u trubs hehe) know where i can get some heels for a size 12 male foot!? hehe!


  2. stella

    with track pants nonetheless.
    those highwaisters are kinda hot.
    please don’t hate on my ridiculous phashun sense. miss sixty made some rocking highwaisters that i want really bad…


  3. harlequinsgazette


    Do you remember my entry (if you read it) about cleaning the tub in heels? I only own heels. I am 5’1. Heels give everything a nifty look. Besides, since I was small, I always walked on my tippy-toes no matter what. It’s starting to wear on my back, with my big bubble butt, but I will always wear heels till I pass away or get really bad arthritis.
    I used to be able to run with them, but not anymore. That was when I was young and worked retail and then the hospital. I still wear them in the house. Probably why I am in pain always. Another weird thing about the heels, even in the dead of winter, they have to be peep toe, at least a little.

    I missed all of you guys a lot, hope the holidays were good for ya’ll.



  4. Harley… I did read that and I was like *she’s nuts!* I just feel like a tottering fool in heels.

    * Afro! You have an avatar! I think Gravatar works on wordpress now… cool beans!


  5. Janers

    I hate heels, they hurt. They look good but I only have a couple of pairs for specail occasions. I like trying them on in the shops but i’m not gonna fork out for something i won’t wear much and will only bring pain. WTF is she wearing trackpants with gold ones?


  6. I do not wear heels everyday, I love them but they kill my back. I only wear them if I know I’m not going to be walking alot. But I heard somewhere that wearing flats (because of the lil to no arch support) can be just as bad as wearing heels.

    And Harley, I too am a fan of the high waisted pants. My obsession are the J Brand ones. And I love Riri’s shoesies


  7. harlequinsgazette

    Actually Afro, went to my first Pain Management appt. today, the first of many. Stupid asses gave me Morphine…I am not to be trusted. They are going to be jacking with my back for the next couple of months and then God knows what they are gonna do with me at the neurologist.


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