Stella, He Luvs u!


 wordpress ephed up my pic!

For some reason this is the best pic of Banksy I could find!  He looks scared, like he just saw one of the slags in the official messboard.  Ha Ha.  Just kidding.  All the slags in the official messboard are darlings and I know this because… okay, I don’t know this!  I didn’t have time to scan the messboards or anything, but I was just wondering about some of Interpol’s song titles.  Like for instance, Mammoth.   Why do you think they chose to bless that song with that particular title? They have the best song titles!  C’mere… genius!  If you don’t care about such things, go ahead and ignore this post.  Stella made me do it! <—– Hee hee.  Okay, tomorrow I’m going to trash Turn on the Bright Lights.  Bring your boxing gloves!




38 thoughts on “Stella, He Luvs u!

  1. D. Solrac

    Mammoth was inspired by an actual Mammoth, I think. I saw Carrrrlos D. walking his dog (off leash, I might add) around the corner from my house (far away from the venue and any hotels, so it;s a mystery) the day after the show down here. What a shocker! : )


  2. Lala

    I love the second pic mmm Paul arms jaja, Anners Carlos D looks sexy, What is Daniel seeing

    D. Solrac were do you live? Ohh you saw Gaius jaja how cute :)

    I always thought that C´mere it was french jaja dumn


  3. sara

    I like that picture of Paul-he looks like he could kick someone’s arse all over the place or something! Oh, and I think Mammoth is about the size of Carlos’………..heart. Ahahahaaaaa!

    My asinity can’t be stopped. :(


  4. D. Solrac

    LaLa – I live in the Southern US. in a regular neighborhood. Gaius was leading the way, and in fact, I recognized him first, and then Carlos. : )


  5. me

    That’s awesome. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I saw someone from the band just walking nonchalantly…I’d probably just stare. haha.

    (and this is totally irrelevant, but that’s okay: I just heard Paul talking in Spanish in a video, and it being my mother language, I thought that was just soooooooo sexy!!!! I knew he spoke Spanish; I just never heard it! …alright, I’m done now….)


  6. Lala

    D. Solrac.- And what do you do just stare?

    Me.- OMG I know Paul speaking spanish is the sexiest thing ever jaja and besides he have a mexican accent so is just beatiful :)
    Tu hablas español???


  7. me

    Lala: :D Sí, yo hablo español…o a lo menos trato! He hestado hablando inglés por mas de la mitad de mi vida–así que ya se me va escapando!! :(

    **Yes, I speak spanish…or at least I try to! I’ve been speaking English for over half of my life, so my Spanish is fading.


  8. Ugg

    lolz. i love the first picture. haha. evil eye. and the second picture.. can’t help but to stare at pauls……pants. i don’t know why. lol. maybe the way he is standing. and they are kind of high? OMG. stop. i’m such a perv.


  9. * Hi Mole Patrol!

    * It is very cute when he speaks espagnol!

    * You saw D. Solrrrrrac and you didn’t assault him with an embrace? WTF is wrong with u, D. Solrac?! Mammoth is called Mammoth because of a mammoth? How odd! ;)

    * Sara! It does look like he can kick sum arse… that’s sweet, really! Carlos D.’s a babe but I am not feeling Kessler at all… cute suit again, though.

    * by the way, does anyone know anything about a photo of Carlos D that’s supposedly something you really DON’T want to see? <— If that makes no sense, don’t worry. I just confused myself I think!


  10. Lala

    No pues tienes que practicar puedes practicar conmigo:), en mi caso estoy tratando de practicar mi inglés porque es bastante malo.
    Tienes myspace o msn para que me platiques de donde es tu mamá y todo eso :)

    – You need to practice, you can practice speaking with me, in my case I try to practice my english because it sucks.-


  11. ^ Hi Ugg. The Evil Eye: That’s why Cris from the messboard calls him “Maleditoooo” I think.

    * He likes those pants, and I like those pants too… if you’re a perv, we all are pervs! ;)


  12. Lala

    Anners.- Mammoth is called Mammoth because of a mammoth that make me laugh.

    Again, I think I want a t-shirt that says Mole Patrol jajaja :)

    I like Paul, Carlos, Daniel and Sam lol DAMN I find these band members sexy :)


  13. me

    mole patrol!!

    Daniel and Carlos have some fine moves on stage, but only Paul catches my fancy. And those ARE some fine pants he has on!

    Lala: no tengo cualquiera de ésos! ni myspace ni msn! :(
    No me gusta myspace…ja ja. y soy Mexicana :D Pero tu puedes practicar aquí!!

    **I dont have any of those. I don’t really like myspace. You can totally practice your English here!! :D


  14. Lala

    Yeay another mexican in here!!:)

    Yes I´m learning so much english in here jaja right Anners? like slags or Holena jiji

    I really want a dog like Gaius


  15. * Lala and me: Thank you guys for translating! ;)

    * Gaius is the cutest name for a dog. Is Carlos into Roman History? Gaius Julius Caesar… and yes, he should keep Gaius on a leash (Hi Louise! Hi Kahryn!).


  16. sara

    *LaLa: I was @ that photo shoot and the dude that brings everyone’s coffee to them was trying to pick me up. The photographer happened to catch Daniel giving the coffee dude the “best step away-she’s with me” look. Isn’t it cute that Daniel’s so possessive?

    I’m obviously kidding. Ahahaahaaa…

    *Anners: Yeah, Paul’s arse kickin’ look is pretty hot. But you’re not feelin’ Daniel yet? I have an awesome photo of him on my myspace blog (‘cause I’m a nerd). I’ll email the link to ‘ya so you can see the photo that solidified his hotttttness for me. : )

    *D. Solrac: You got to see Gaius? And Carlos? That’s sweet!

    By the way, what does “Mole Patrol” mean? Is it top secret info?


  17. D. Solrac

    * Mole Patrol T-shirt? Grand Idea. I’m tempted to do it. Perhaps after the holidays….everybody like American apparell? : )

    * Here’s the Carlos story. Pardon me if it’s too long!
    My friends and were taking the Streetcar (trolley) back from downtown after having a couple of stiff drinks, and when we got off at the stop by my house (far away from downtown), and turned to crossed the street, Lo and Behold, there they were! So we all said, “OMG! That’s f—-in’ Carlos D. and Gauis!” So we almost got hit by cars rushing across the street, and by the time we got across he was about 20 ft down the sidewalk. I, being a little tipsy, yelled : “Carlos, you don’t know us, but we enjoyed the show last night, and your dog is beautiful!” He turned around, smiled, said thankyou and walked on. Then I walked down the street towards my house, and fell down (on purpose) and rolled around laughing at the strange coincidence. : )


  18. stella

    I’m lagging.
    i wanted the one to say
    i looooove you anners!!! u da best. and hobag paul better come over here and give me a kiss.
    “everytime i comb my hair, thoughts of HIM get in my eyes…”


  19. * Sara: D. Solrac’s significant other calls Paul Banks groupies the mole patrol like Taylor Hick’ ‘soul patrol’ on American Idol. Isn’t that clever? ;)

    * Make the t-shirts, make the t-shirts! Oh, thank you D.Sol for explaining about the pic!

    * Stella, you punk! I busted ass to post this for you and you never even showed… :)

    * Hi Morgies!


  20. D. Solrac

    I’m afraid that if I wore a t-shirt with Mole Patrol on it that people might think I am a dermatologist reminding people to get their annual mole check!

    If you really want t-shirts, I will make them – but I’m putting a logo with “The D Solrac Seal Of Approval” on the back! (that’ll be really small)
    How about I do them in gray- it seems to be an in color this fall…


  21. D. Solrac

    Well, if a couple more people want t-shirts, It may happen…I’ll get an artist friend of mine to design them…
    what if there are like 1000 hidden Mole Patrolers that are reading this blog – and they all want t-shirts!

    I think we should also send one to H.C., after all, she actually gets to patrol the moles.


  22. stella

    count me in for a mole patrol shirt.
    i got paypal!
    *anners* i’m such a bitch, i know, but look how many comments ya got!!!!


  23. * D. Solrac! Are you serious?!!!! I’ll do a post for you tomorrow and maybe we’ll get real live head count… yay! Good point about Holena!

    * You’re a stellar bytch, Stells!


  24. D. Solrac

    I think I am serious! Why the hell not? It wont be so expensive that when I make them and no one wants them I’ll be broke. you only live once…


  25. coffeeconverse

    *DSolrac-that’s waaaay too funny. Someone…somewhere…is a mole buster. I bet they have business cards & everything!


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