Oh, Phuck!


As soon as I figure out what my ephing damage is, I’ll let you know!   My head hurts, it’s late and once again, I screwed up with the posts.  Please don’t stone me to death!  So anyway, here’s a pretty picture of the ruins of The Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia at Delphi.   Whorelando and I are going to be married here in 6 years.

Okay, see you later this afternoon or bright and early Thursday morning.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Phuck!

  1. Yeah, it’ll take 6 years for me to break him in.

    I read somewhere that he’s looking for a girlfriend on Facebook. I’m thinking about going undercover. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


  2. Janers

    I know when i’m about 37 i’ll prob be depressed if i’m not married and i’ll prob be (more) depressed if i am – its a lose-lose.

    don’t joke about stoning


  3. I wasn’t joking about stoning, Tasmanian Devil Janers!

    * Psychological damage, Harlers! I’m losing my mind, I think! It’s scary… I cannot concentrate…

    * I figured it’d take that long, Wanda. ;)

    * Sara, thank you for appreciating the beauty that is The Sanctuary of Athena at Delphi.


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