Hot Bytch Alert!


^ Old pic.   But he needs to start looking like dis again.

I went to the Orlando Bloom messboard to filch a pic and I was there for like 15 minutes!  That’s all sorts of sick!  But it was super duper fun.   First off, I just need to say that Whorelando Bloom is a really hot bytch.   He is.   Look how cute he is!  For all his faults (and they are way numerous), he seems like a nice, affable guy.   I mean, who cares if he’s a slut?  Sluts are people, too!

Second off, I would like to apologize to Orlando for calling him a ‘deadbeat perv’ this Fall.  That was out of line and unnecessary.

I’m posting some of the pics I found.   All hot, by the way.  Damn it.   Oh, and a while ago I did this list about Banksy and Whorelando and which one should I drop.   I’m still not sure!  I may have to do another list like tomorrow or something when I have more time.

I sound like a freak.   I’m sorry.








52 thoughts on “Hot Bytch Alert!

  1. Ugg

    wow, if i didn’t think he was totally fug, i would probably do him in the last to pics. lol. did that make sense? anyway, looks pretty hot with that thing on his head. :D


  2. Anners

    * Ugg! You think my main man is fug?! WTF? It’s okay, I’m not into Ryan Gosling… hehehe.

    * Oh, that’s Ted, Wanda! hahaha. I like him all Ted Neeleyed! Old pics… very old pics…


  3. Cait

    Y’know, I’ve heard it being talked about before, but I never really realized it until just now… he has absolutely no arse. It’s just… flat. A straight line from his back to his legs. No wonder he wears his jeans down to his knees… he’s got nothing there to help keep them up.


  4. Janers

    its more the scarf and beanie that scream gay.

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like a chick with facial hair in that first pic?


  5. Hahahaha. Yes, it is. racecar spelled backward is racecar. Whoa, did I just blow your mind?! No?
    There’s a jawblower manor in Regna. Seriously, google it


  6. Anners

    ^ racecar is a palindrome, then! Ha! I dig Palindromes… Anna is too…

    Regna is a place?! I just said that to be stupid! Hahahahaha.


  7. I kinda wanna go to Pavel’s Palace. The internets is a great place. Where else would I learn about Paul’s Estate. I bet Paul’s a rich bitch Hee hee

    Totes off subject, but someone pulled a dude ova the other night name Hadji Hamead. And I giggled. I really don’t know why, but I told the officer he was a racist. Just casue he pulled ova a guy named Hadji


  8. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Anyone who comes across this post in the future is going to wonder why there’s talk of palindromes and Paval’s Palace and the skinny website and racialists and municipal code violations here


  9. I’m not even counting how many i’s are in dat.

    I’m going to take the trash out, down some Nyquil and go to sleep. I slept for fourteen hours yesterday. But to be fair, I was up for 26


  10. azelie

    I’m not even going to read any of the comments above me and instead comment on the fact that there are 49 comments on an orlando bloom post. Did I say comment enough?

    This is madness!!


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