Baby Looks Tired


Orlando Bloom looks abused and stuff in this picture.   Here he is in Hong Kong.   I don’t know why the eff he’s there and not in my ephing bed doing what he does best (snoring), but whatevs!  By the way, he just painted his house in the Hollywood Hills black.   Ha!

Apparently the uppity bytches in the neighborhood are freaking out over this.  That includes Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.  They have white houses.   White houses, white teethers, white skins.   So blah blah bloody boring.  At least  my slutty boyfriend knows how to shake things up.



57 thoughts on “Baby Looks Tired

  1. Janers

    I clicked the source – the black doesn’t look that weird but the house looked ugly – someone got ripped off a lot of money


  2. Jodie

    Ignoring a comment? That’s so unlike you Anners!
    Janers, the house is actually charcoal coloured, that’s much classier than black.
    I’d happily accept an invitation back to Orly’s place to check out the decor, but I’m fairly sure that I’d be chased down the street by Anners if I got an invite and she didn’t.
    Spookily enough, I think I’d have more chance of being chased down the street by Janers cos we’re both from Australia and I think from the same town! (I’m not into stalking though Janers, don’t worry, I’m too old for that now!)


  3. Jodie

    I did an msn search for all things Orlando Bloom for my niece (who kind of likes Orly)and I decided that he wasn’t so bad to look at either. He’s also closer to my age than he is to hers (she’s 13, I’m not). Anyway, this blog was in the search list. I check in a few times a week for the OB stuff, but I like reading all the other posts as well. You guys amuse the hell out of me! I don’t think that I live down the street from you. I was born and raised in Newie (or the suburbs anyway) but now I just work there. I live in the beautiful Lower Hunter.


  4. Jodie

    Nope, I live in East Maitland – I guess this is the lowest part of the Lower Hunter. Bit spooky, huh? Of all the blogs in the whole world, I stumble across one run by a fellow Novacastrian (sort of anyway, cos I’m not sure what you call a person from Lake Macquarie, or a person from East Maitland for that matter).


  5. jane121

    The celebrities must be game to make fun of themselves so much, it shows they don’t take themselves too seriously.

    It has the girl from ugly betty in it too – she’s funny.


  6. Anna Domini (Anners)

    * Ugg: I have seen that quite a few times but I’m always happy to see it again… ah… he says “Orlando Bloom” soooooo cute….

    * Yeah, sorry about the no shagging rule, Jodie. You’re free to pinch his invisible arse, tho!

    * Jane and Jodie iz neighbors! That’s so cute and strange!


  7. jane121

    yes it is strange. I can’t bag out P.Banks coz it offends the banksaloonies and now I can’t bag out gaylando because Jodie can get in her car and come kill me so how am I going to be evil to you now?


  8. Jodie

    Janers, you don’t have to stop bagging out Gay, whoops sorry, Orlando on my account. There’d be nothing to laugh at on the Orly posts! Rest assured, I won’t be getting in my car to come and kill you. Be as evil as you want to be (especially about Banksy. He’d better sing good, because he doesn’t look so good).


  9. jane121


    Oh Jodie, u fit right in with the TyHos.

    Haha, I was kidding about u killing me I just didn’t want to offend anyone’s taste. I’m glad u find it funny.

    When Anners puts up pics of Banksy I always vomit in my mouth a little.


  10. Jodie

    That’s a very unfortunate reaction to have, Janers. And not one you could avoid since Anners seems hell bent on posting copious amounts of Banksy related material.
    That’s it for me. I’m done for the night. Except for this totally unrelated piece of info – I just heard that Jamie Lynn Spears is getting paid $1 million for the first photos of her baby (when it’s born of course) by OK magazine!!!


  11. Anners

    * Wow, Jane and Jodie! Talking tons of crap about Banksy, I see!

    * Stella.Hahahhahahahahahahahahaa. U did not read this post, did u? hahahaha. Thanks, babycakes!

    * Wanda… he told me you were soooo boring. That’s why he snores! The after effects of a visit with u…

    * Daners, when I get to Seattle, ur getting a crack on the head.



  12. Janers

    Keep it up Jodie and Daners!

    BTW I think this story is BS, I doubt Scarlett and Charlize give a stuff what their neighbours do to their own property


  13. Jodie

    Bloody hell, I’m having to grovel on 2 posts in one night. Anners, here’s the deal love, even though I’ve ripped you off over Banksy, you know that when it comes to Orly I’ll stand by your side, shoulder to shoulder, and share the crap dealt by Janers and Daners. I’ll wear the wankeress quip though, makes me feel like I’m part of the gang!


  14. * Okay, Jodie. You’re square w/ me… aussie slang kills me. “ripped you off” over here means ‘steal’.

    Anyway — Thank U! I need all the help I can get because those 2 slags are all sorts of evil and abusive! (Intimidated by true male beauty they iz)…

    You are part of the gang because you’re good peoples! We’ll start calling you Joders pretty soon…

    Ha. Joders!


  15. Jodie

    Anners, I did wonder about Oz slang, but I figured you’d be used it because of Janers. I definitely won’t be stealing Banksy from you, Orly on the other hand…
    Daners, Anners and I can’t help it if you and Janers don’t recognise poetry in motion when you see it.
    I like Joders!


  16. Jodie

    Could be worse, I could like Banksy (sorry Anners)!
    Ok, I’m going to bed now. Saturday is almost over in the land of down under and I’m feeling old and tired.
    I’m sure I’ll catch you all again tomorrow (shit when I go back to work I’m gonna have withdrawal symptoms cos I won’t be able to visit every day!).


  17. Jane

    i noticed u guys don’t used ‘rip off’. It’s kinda hard to always use an alternative. I notice u use bag out and rag on (I think).


  18. Ugg

    maybe jodie is a carlos-person? or sam? or even daniel. there’s nothing wrong with that. hahaha. and then she can slowly discover that .. wow that paul banks sure is hotter than the others. :D:D i think they’re all hot. in their own way. (except daniel)


  19. Jodie

    Time for a confession… I’d never heard of Interpol until I visited this site. Still don’t know who they are or what their music is like. All I have to go on is the pictures you guys post.
    Anners, I’m actually wearing a t-shirt today that says “I have issues”!
    Janers good to see you back. Now I don’t have to throw pebbles at your window!


  20. * Jodie! You called Orlando “poetry in motion”. *High Five!*

    God, that was deep! I’m gonna use that for sure!

    And hahahaha, I’m going to post some Interpol youtubes just for you… continue wearing that shirt, dear…

    * Ugg, I really don’t find Sam or Daniel all that attractive…


  21. Jodie

    If Ugg says that Paul is hotter than the others, the rest must be awful?!
    I’m impressed with myself that I was deep at 11:30pm (Oz time).
    Oops, sorry, just realised the time difference. Anners, you must be tired surely.


  22. Ugg

    lol, i know. i normally don’t, but lately.. he is just so grandpa-ish in all the new interviews. and so nice!! i want to hug him!!!! hahahahha. i actually don’t find him attractive.. i just understand why other poeple do!!


  23. Anners

    Yeah, I can see why everyone thinks Daniel is cute… something’s missing, tho…

    * Jodie: I stay up very very late… and jeez! The others are not awful… Paul just shines brighter. Ha.


  24. Jodie

    The others must be a bit tarnished if Paul shines brighter. I suppose he is the pick of the bunch. Oh no, (sharp intake of breath), I won’t allow myself to be sucked into the Cola Gorda / Interpol vortex!
    I’ll be up late tonight as well, since it’s Christmas Eve. And I’ve just popped a cake in the oven to bake. Soon the house will be smelling like Christmas.


  25. ^ haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    That’s why his damn name is Cola Gorda!

    That may be the pic that sucks Jodie into the cola gorda vortex…


  26. Jodie

    Are you trying to make me puke, Ugg?
    This picture just makes me want to run screaming to the hills!
    You’ll have to try a bit harder.
    By the way, Merry Christmas to all (and to all a good night – couldn’t leave that bit out).


  27. Anna Domini (Anners)

    Jodie u didn’t like the pic? Ha!

    They’re not top 40 so the general public has prob never heard of them… it’s okay.


  28. Jodie

    How the hell many whopper burgers had he eaten before this photo??? And the cancer stick? Sorry to all those smokers out there, no offense meant – but that’s really gross!
    The pooltable photo is better, but he’s still holding a cigarette in that pic too.


  29. Anners

    Joders, that pic is atleast 3 years old… and prob is distorted somehwat. Cola Gorda was chuby, but not that chubby.

    He needs to lose the ciggies for reals.


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