Shakira and Her Strange Voice Box Is In Rome


I have a few things to say about this!  Numero 1:  So not phair!   I want to go to Rome so bad!  Numero 2:  She looks like BeyonceNumero 3:    Her boyfriend looks very 30 Seconds to MarsNumero 4:  This is the cutest New Year’s plan evers!   They went to Rome… that’s super duper cute. 


^ Roman bricks!   I think these used to be faced with Marble.   Way awesome.


^ Cool beans, a fossilized croc!   Just kidding. 


12 thoughts on “Shakira and Her Strange Voice Box Is In Rome

  1. harlequinsgazette

    Thank you! You finally said that she had a ‘strange voice box’. My sister says she sounds ‘tarded. AHAHAHAHA


  2. harlequinsgazette

    So embarrassed, my older sister who looks younger love 30 STM and got pics with them.

    But who am I to talk…


  3. Romy

    I know this will kick me off your board, but have to confess that I spent Christmas in Italy with a friend, several bottles of Port and we watched the WHOLE “my so-called life” series… just like we did back in highschool…. SO WHAT?!
    Jordan is gorgeous, JORDAN FOREVAAAHHHH.
    Happy new year, ladies!


  4. Anners



    That hurts my feelings… how odd of me to bring up Leto & Rome… what part of Italy were you in? That’s so cool you spent Christmas there…

    Happy New Year Romy! By the way, I was just wondering where you ran off to! ;)


  5. Romy

    Oh no, I didn’t run off, was just busy with getting through my disputation for the Ph.D. … should add that you can call me Dr. Romy now ;-)
    I was in North Italy (Trento), Leto wasn’t with me but will come to Cologne in February, maybe I should stand in first row screaming “Jordan, let me teach you how to read” or “Let’s discuss English grammar in your red car” or somethin’…. haha, he will love me, he just doesn’t know it yet.


  6. Ugg

    hahahahahhahaha.. LET’S MAKE OUT VERY SECRETLY UNDER THE STAIRS!!!! i’m so watching my socalled life again! thanks:D i love the part where he takes her hand. it’s do DAMN ROMANTIC. i wish i had a jordan catalano when i went to high school. i had a brian :/
    i found it you have to see hihiihihih


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