Happy Birfday, Whorelando!



In a perfect world, I’d be telling him this in person.   The world is definitely not perfect.   Peoples, my hot shit boyfriend, WhOrelando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom, turned 31 beautiful years old today.   Send him cheers and well-wishes!   Send in a donation to Unicef, too, while you’re in the spirit of sending things.

Any suggestions on what I should send Whorelando for his birthday?  I was going to send him lessons at the Actor’s Studio but that was too ephing expensive.




16 thoughts on “Happy Birfday, Whorelando!

  1. joders

    How about a nekkid picture of you, me, Wanda and Cait? He’s bound to want to shag u then? As long as your friends get to come along as well.


  2. joders

    Why is he taking so long to ring us all then? Maybe it got lost in the post?
    How about we all jump out of a giant birthday cake? Or have we already done that as well?


  3. jane121

    Send money to UNICEF? So they can fly him out first class to Nepal again? Just Kidding, Just Kidding. I’m sure he paid for his ticket and gives them lots of dough (I hope).

    Blanchard? Hehehe


  4. Ugg

    happy b-day o!

    anners! i need to know.. what kind of pictures i need to use.. like… from what movies you think he’s hot.. for the m-o-v-i-e. cause i never think he’s hot.. and i might pick some pics that are really ugly for orly-lovers. hahahhaha. :D cause i have weird taste. or something. you don’t have to send me anything, just so i know.. sort of what i’m going for.. HAHHAA. are you a lotr fan?????? i don’t. know.


  5. Lala

    Happy Birthday Orly, Anners I think you are the best birthday present dor Whorelando :)

    Ugg are you going to do a vid od Orly??? cool


  6. Cait

    Happy Birthday, Orlando! (And to be totally off-topic, but happy birthday to my mum too!)

    Now now, Anners, no keeping Orli (Orly? Whatever.) all to yourself. Ye must spread the wealth! Oh, and I like Joder’s idea about the giant birthday cake….


  7. * Kinda hot, Sara? WTF? <– ha!
    * Wanda, there is actually a perfectly acceptable reason why I know his middle name…
    * Cait: Orli, Orly, whorely, whatevs… ;) And I don’t have to share if I don’t want to.

    * Ugg! Yay! You’re really gonna do that for me?! Nothing from Elizabethtown, please. He was hot in Pirates and he was hot in Troy. Eww @ LOTR… I can send you some HOT pics from my scrapbook!

    * Thanks, Lala.


  8. harlequinsgazette

    I am wondering if you celebrated today…did you Anners? Did you actually like treat yourselfish to a cupcake with a candle?

    Aidan’s birthday is two days after my husbands. I’ll just have sex or something.


  9. harlequinsgazette

    Did you password protect? And not give me the password? Shunned!!!

    How are you feeling? I hope you are okay. I haven’t been grand either. Got so dizzy last night, almost went to ER. That’s why I haven’t fucked with you since, what, Friday?

    No, I won’t bug you for the password unless you really, really love me and stuff, but if it is for Interpol fans only, I get it. I don’t really know who they are so I won’t bug.


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