A Conversation With The Great Master Tsukai


^ Master Tsukai and Cola Gorda in Chicago.

Greetings, Cola Gordians!   Master Tsukai actually agreed to talk to me!  Yay!  This is my first ever interview (I feel like such a journalist!), so please don’t throw stones.   For those of you not familiar with Master Tsukai, she is the awesome and pretty little lady from Mexico D.F. who loves Interpol, has a kick ass myspace page, adores Daniel Kessler, and takes the loveliest live pics of the band I’ve ever seen.   They are like high, sexy art!  She also has quite an extensive collection of Interpol memorabilia.

P.S.  Master Tsukai can confirm that Cola Gorda is at least 1.63 meters tall, but is unable to tell us the precise number of moles on his person.  Sorry, Ugg!   I know you were waiting for that.

P.P.S.  (Updated: 1/16/08)  Master Tsukai got quoted in Q Magazine in an article for Interpol’s San Francisco show!  Click HERE and HERE.




1.  Why did you decide to call yourself Master Tsukai?   

Well, first I was only Tsukai. I like a Manga called “Ah! My Goddess!” and there is a character that (at first appearance) doesn’t have a name. They used the kanji “Tsukai” to name it. It means “Ex- devil” because it was a devil who was born inside a goddess’ body and became an angel. . . Master, I started to use it after I got my Master degree…

That’s interesting!   About the manga… oh,  and congratulations on earning your Masters! What did you study?

… I got my Master’s Degree in Marketing :P Thank you so much.

2.  How many Interpol shows have you been to over the years?   I won’t ask you how much $ you think you’ve spent…. 

Eleven in all my life. . .  L . DF twice in 2005, Coachella, Las Vegas, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Detroit, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Mexico again. I think my favourite show has been the second time in Las Vegas because they played specialist and that’s my favourite song… but I have great memories of all shows I’ve gone.

I’d could never have been able to go to the Chicago or to the Los Angeles show without Nancy’s help.  I met her in Vegas and she invited me to go with her to all those shows… I had to pay only little expenses and my flight tickets and I think I already owe my life to the bank already hahaha.


3. You seem to have met all the Interpol guys!  Who is the nicest?  Who’s cutest in person?  Do they know who you are now?  Do they say ‘Hi, Master Tsukai!’ and wave like little girls when they see you?

Nicest? Daniel by far! And cutest too… Not only because I like him so much, because he appears to care about fans and his smile wooow… When I first met them in Mexico, the nicest was Carlos D, but I think the Carlos D I met then is already dead.  No, I don’t think they now me or even by name. Maybe Paul and Daniel could remember my face because I use to give them presents everytime I saw them and hang a banner in the encore of the shows…. I love to have pictures with them… I have lots of funny or curious memories with Daniel…

Pease share a Daniel memory!    So you think that Carlos has changed?   Poor Carlos.    

One…  it’s too difficult to choose one! Let me see… oooouuu… Grand Rapids… When they played Not Even Jail I showed my flag of Mexico and he smiled at me. . . after the song was over, they went out of the stage and when they come back,  he took his guitar, then showed me the pick and he hung it like he was saying cheers to me… like he was dedicating that song to me… then he started to play NYC…

That’s adorable.  Truly.  :)

4. Does your husband mind that you like Daniel Kessler so much?  Is he also a fan of Interpol?

No, he doesn’t. Maybe at the beginning he was jealous but he understands it is only a fantasy. Many girls asked me the classic question: “If you would have the opportunity to be with Daniel, would you leave your husband?” hahahaha I think that is letting the fantasies go far…   And no, my husband is not fan of Interpol.  He says I always spoil his tastes in music because I used to listen to the same album, song or band all time without getting bored…


Ha!   Yeah, that is taking fantasy too far.  I wouldn’t leave my boyfriend for Paul Banks either (actually…. I would). 


5. What do you like about Daniel Kessler?

I love the way he blushes when you ask him something he doesn’t expect you to say (I don’t mean I said something dirty no way!) , the way he smiles when I show the banners in the concerts… I like the way he is so passionate on stage… the way he is grateful with people… nice, kind and shy :P

He blushes?!   That’s so cute!  Have you ever told him you had a crush on him?  

YES he blushes! And he lows his gaze too….  No I would never say something like that hihihi that would be so embarrassing :P The time when he blushes I asked him for a hug… only a hug! He said of course but my friends said a big “AAAAAAAAAWwwwwwwww”   so I was blushed too :P

6.  Is Paul Banks evil?

No, I don’t know what the hell is Paul Banks.   But I’m sure he has cold blood inside his veins.  When I met him in Mexico in 2005, he was so cold with me but when I met him in Chicago he was very kind he even smiled!  I hate how he depends on his mood to be nice with fans….

Uh-oh!  I hear that a lot about Cola — that he’s moody.   That’s not very cool.   I really do think he is 65% evil.  But I still have a crush on him.   I’m sorry he was moody with you. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t feel hurt or something… that’s because I don’t care about Paul :P He has been cold with me always… Once, in Grand Rapids, he hides from me behind the van… I only wanted to give him the present I brought from Mexico… and after the show I asked him for a pic and he answered me in Spanish… ‘sorry, I’m not taking pictures… if I take one, everyone will want one… do you understand me right?’… what a jerk :S hihihihi (hahahahahaha)

He hid behind a van?   That’s weird!   Hahahahhahaha.  He really did that?  He really said that to you?  I don’t think I like him anymore.  Hee Hee.

Yes, he did…  can you believe that? I felt bad, but what other chance [did] I have?  I had to eat my pride and go after him and give him the present… I tell him … “Hey, I only wanted to give you this present I brought you from mexico, that’s all”, and turn around again to the line….  And when he said that about taking the pic I answered him… yes, I understand… but I’m sure I would slap him with a gaze… and he noticed it … again… he is a jerk.   He is mean yeah… but he does goods things too… In Vegas, I was screaming a lot during specialist… even Daniel and he shared smiles cause all of us went crazy with that song… after he played that song, he threw his pic to me… I think it was a way to say thank you for leaving body and soul with his/our favourite song… Yes… he can be cute… but only when the planets align…

So Cola Gorda is victim to his moods, huh?   Shame all over you, Cola!  Nice arse, though.

7.  What is your favorite song from each album and what is your least favorite song from each album?

TOTBL:  Favorite —The New;  least favorite —Hands Away.  Antics:  Favorite — Take You On A Cruise; least favorite — Length of Love.   OLTA:  Favorite — Rest My Chemistry; least favorite —  Who Do You Think?

8. Do you like Our Love To Admire ?  A lot of people don’t seem to like it as much as the other albums.  What is your favorite album?

I love OLTA. And I’m not trying to be false with this… I think I’m more a “song” person… Maybe some fans could kill me if they know I prefer OLTA instead of TOTBL… Sacrilegous!!!!! I would never be a purist fan… that’s an extreme…

My favorite is Antics.  Hahhaha.  Yes,  hardcore fans are all supposed to worship TOTBL…  hahahaha!  It’s not my favorite, either.   Thank you for saying that.   That makes me feel better.   The great Master Tsukai’s favorite Interpol album is NOT TOTBL!  

Hahahahaha  The New is my second favourite song so I respect TOTBL… but Specialist is WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

9. Have you met any of the girls from the message boards?  Are they nice?

In person?  I have met lots of fans and I have never met one who hasn’t been nice with me. I think everyone were awesome in all the cities I visited for the shows. . . I have good memories of all of them.   In Mexico, in The Rabid Glow Forum I found lots of friends and we were together in Manifest…  it was great because in 2005 we were completely strangers and now we get drunk together hahaha.

There is a ‘rabid glow’ forum?   That sounds cool!  That’s sweet that you guys are friends now and hang out together.  I find Interpol fans to be really nice people.

Yes! You can check it  here .  [It] is for spanish speakers.  I think the things more strange that would happened to me has been in myspace… some girls wrote to me to ask me for tickets, backstage passes, introduce the guys… even to tell me some strange stories about Carlos D… You can find very nice people and others that only want to ask you something…

Thanks for the link!   That’s kind of weird, people asking you for stuff online. 

Yes, weird :P


10.  How do you get such great pictures?  I posted some of your Daniel and Paul pics before… very nice!

Because of the camera, and I don’t like to use flash because it changes the way you are seeing the show… and it bothers them.  I like to catch moments and take different angles not a simple picture …

You’re so considerate.   The flash would bother me if I was them, too.   I think your pictures are actually beautiful.  What kind of camera do you use?  <—– You don’t have to tell me.   Just seemed like a good question to ask.

I use a Cybershot DSC-H5… not a professional camera… but it takes good pics.

Yes, it bloody does!  :)

11. Do you think it’s wrong to call Paul Banks ‘cola gorda’?  Do you think that Paul Banks has a nice cola?

No, I think it’s very funny. I remember some girls in the rabid glow forum used to call him the same way :P.  I haven’t really seen his ass with attention… The best way to know is to grab it…

And why haven’t you grabbed Paul’s cola?   Nevermind, I think I know why:   He’s mean!

Hahahahaha He is really mean :P

^ hahahhaha

12. What was your favorite band before Interpol?   How long have you been a fan of Interpol?

Depeche Mode. The first time I knew about Interpol was with the video of Obstacle 1 because I like this movie ‘The Ring’ and that video reminds me it a lot… then I started to like the song. . . Incredibly, I didn’t buy any record until my husband gave me ‘Antics‘ and the madness began :P

13. Do you like Helena Christensen?

I think I would like to look like her at her age and being with a hot man 10 years younger… that’s an image of success hahahaha.

Do you think she’s a good photographer?  (hahahahha)

Automatic cameras are awesome don’t you think? Hahahahaha.   No, I really haven’t seen her pics, or other things about her… in fact,  who cares about HC?

No one cares about her, I think.  Not even God.   I just like to tease her because she’s shagging my man.  

Damn lucky woman…

Straight up. 

14. Do you think Carlos D. is hot?

Now, no I don’t think so… I think he is losing his marbles hahaha.  To be hot, I must have more than the face… and he was to be charming…

I agree with you.   Looks are meaningless without charm and grace.  Is there something Carlos did (besides grow that stache) that makes you think he’s losing his marbles?  Just curious.  :) 

The beard! Hahahaha that dog [Gaius] . . .  When I met him in Mexico, he went out the VIP zone to sign my cd and took a picture… he even tried to spell my name… wasn’t that cute? I miss that Carlos D… not this ‘Howard Huges’ attempt…

Oh, I see.   The old Carlos D. you just described sounds so sweet.  That’s cute that he tried to spell out your name. Howard Hughes scares me.   His toenails and stuff.  I really hope Carlos does not turn into Howard Hughes…

15. Ok. Last question!  What is your favorite thread on the Interpol Message Board?

Live thread… because I can read about what happened in every show.

Oh!  I always go straight to the pictures thread just because I’m sick like that.   I read that live thread for the forum show in Los Angeles.   There was a lady there who was so critical of the band.   She said Daniel was ‘doing the waltz’ on stage and it didn’t match the music.   She was so mean!  I think I hate her.  Did you read that one? 

Of course I read it… but that was a purist fan… Why does someone feel that they have a right to say what a band should do?  That’s for crazy people…


That concludes the interview!   Sorry so abrupt.  But it’s hard doing this via email.   Master Tsukai, was  awesome and wonderful.  Blame me if anything sounds weird.  I must stress that she loves the band  completely so please do not take any of this out of context.   :)

More pics from her Manifest collection:



^ Sam!




93 thoughts on “A Conversation With The Great Master Tsukai

  1. D. Solrac

    Great Job Anners! Really enjoyable, and very informative. And thanks to Master T. as well. Glad to hear that Cola G. has icewater running through his veins. :)


  2. Morgan

    Hi, Master Tsukai! I was one of the ones screaming along with you in Vegas when they played “Specialist!” hahaha
    If you don’t mind, I have a question for you…did you see any of them after that Vegas show? I stuck around for about an hour (like a crazy stalker…hahaha j/k), but I never saw any of them. I was just wondering if they ever came out to meet with fans afterwards, & if so, where were they? Thanks so much! :)


  3. Ugg

    THAT WAS GREAT!! you are so sweet master tsukai, and lucky girl to have met them so many times!!!!!!!
    i agree with d.solrac… i kinda like that he’s mean! hahahahah :D but he really was being a ungrateful bitch for hiding when you wanted to give him the present!!!! hahahhha. a hot ungrateful bitch. I LOVED THIS INTERVIEW!!!! maybe you can do cris malediitaa next? hahaha after her concert;)


  4. Morgan: I want to kill myself everytime my friends told me that daniel came down to the center bar and shareed few drinks with them… i was with my other friends dining outside the HR… buaaaaaaaaaaaa


  5. Morgan

    OH NO! I hate that you missed that! I hate that I missed it if Banks would have made an appearance (btw, did he?). How cute of Kessler though to hang out at the bar with his fans!


  6. allisonwonders

    Thank you Master Tsukai and Anners!!! I kinda feel sorry for Carlos now a.k.a. Howard Hughes. Hope he’s not storing up jars of pee in his apt!

    I want to hear more Daniel stories!


  7. Louise

    yesss Master Tsukai rules!! Such a nice lady! and the interview was a great read :)
    I really want to meet Daniel now, I’ve met Paul (who was nice) and well I would have met Carlos but he completely ignored me when he came out the venue!

    I can’t wait till maleditaaaa goes to see Interpol, she rules too!


  8. Kelly

    Thanks to Anners and M. Tsukai for the wonderful interview! On another note Tsukai, have you ever considered becoming a pro live band photographer? If you’re taking pics that great without a fancy camera, think of what you could do with some pro gear.


  9. me

    That interview totally rocked.
    Paul is such a meanie. :( …Gotta go watch Ugg’s videos to reinforce my crush on him. haha :P

    Master Tsukai, I am so jealous of all your encounters!!! hahaha. You seem sooooooooo nice!!


  10. stella

    my memorabillia looks a lot like that.
    you should see my cheesy shadow box
    i also have about 10 interpol tshirts
    i’m such a nerd, but i’m not alone! :P


  11. stella

    i must agree that turning off your flash is crucial in getting good concert shots cuz the flash can only reach so far.
    i still love paul banks. he is my perfect zodiac match, it’s in the stars, i have read numerous reports. dont hate.
    thanks for such a great interview!


  12. stella

    i’ve met paul twice.
    the first was right when antics came out and we were in a bar and he was nice and gave me ahug after i told him i really enjoyed his band and their show.
    the second time was when anners and i went to the sf show and i waited outside for an hour and he came out to greet his fans. there were too many fans for him to be “mean”
    but taurus, like capricorns and virgos, ARE MOODY AS PHUCK!


  13. I was there in SF besides the buses… yes… girls went crazy when paul came out the venue… I was kicked out and I just could give him his present… why girls scream in front of him? :P

    I’m virgo… I don’t think I’m moody :P

    I could wrote my first memory with daniel that’s the funiest one…


  14. Ugg

    oooh i love that picture stella! i don’t think he looks mean tho.. i think he looks .. horny. HAHHAHA.
    yes, tell us master t!!!!! :D:D:D


  15. Anners

    * I should have waited after that Sf show, Stella….. dammit. I missed Banksy and Master Tsukai… hahahahh @ that pic you linked. It says “mean” in the background. You have an Interpol Shadow Box?!

    * Master Tsukai: tell us that one! The first memory w/Daniel. :)

    * I’m so happy you guys liked the interview!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. stella

    yes ladies and perhaps some gents, i do have a shadow box that has all my interpol tix stubs and an autographed “antics” sleeve that says JEN! and is signed by all the guys. if my building were to burn that is one thing thats coming with me.
    that “mean” pic of paul is hilarious, i saw it right after i read master tsukai thought paul was the meanie of the buncg. quite a fitting pic if ya ask me!
    love you ladies!
    p.s. my favourite guy, BRAD RENFRO, just passed away. i loved him in BULLY and GHOSTWORLD.
    R.I.P. buddy :*(


  17. harlequinsgazette

    I am so happy for you, Anners and how cool of Master Tsukai for be open and honest and agree to this.

    Those pictures are wonderful, and the Cybershot isn’t a professional camera? Well it is all in the artist, herself. They are amazing shots.

    Anners, you know I don’t know anything about Interpol, but this was fun. I will come to some of the guys rescue, with all those fans screaming and wanting to meet you and playing the same songs over, and over, don’t you think you would have off days too?

    How did Master T work up the nerve to go up and talk to these guys? If I saw Aidan, I would walk the other way. It would destroy him for me if he was rude.

    This was fun! Do more Anners.


  18. Kelly

    Sorry to bring it up, but Cola’s gorda is in recovery and that’s got to make it very hard to be nice all the time. I like how he acts real and not fake nice. (cuts Banksy some slack) :) Well, that and he can’t shake off that damn cougar!!

    RIP Brad Renfro.:(


  19. How to be uin control? ufff… I tried to think and realize that i traveled so far to see them and there are no second opportunity… i don’t want to come back with regrets

    I told Anners that I act very stupid always when I’m in front of them… face to face… I can’t say something clever or normal… My stupid smile is completely frozen… i think that i smile like Ginger… one of the hens of “Chiken Run” hahahaha


  20. Well… that first encounter was very funny…

    In 2005, at Pasaguero… I had already taken pic with CArlos but Daniel was in the middle of the VIP room and I was extremely tired for being waiting on the street more than 12 hours to the show… so after I arrived to the place, I started to drink vodka without eating… you can imagine… I was totally drunk in that place and I really wanted to have my antics signed for the three guys who appeared in that party: Carlos, Daniel and Paul.
    Carlos was very easy to get (autograph and pic) and Daniel didn’t move of his places in the middle of the VIP room.
    Drunks and kids have craziest ideas.
    I was very drunk… and thought that If i stared him and call him with my mind, he could see me… yes… more stupid ever…
    And i went to a corner of the place and started my plan… drunk woman trying to get attention hahaha
    The funniest thing was that I didn’t have to wait more than 1 minute…
    He started to turn his head and see me… one, two or three times… then I show him my cd and made a sign in the air like “could you sign it?” He didn’t agreed with his head but he started to walk towards me… hahaha I couldn’t believe it! Then I did the same and we met in the line of the VIP… he tried to sign my antics but my pen didn’t work for the kind of paper it is made… I haven’t seen their signatures before so i thought that he couldn’t sign correctly because of my pen… why only a badwritten d? – i thought…
    I asked him for a picture and he agreed again… after that other girls came to ask the same… but i was the firts jua jua jua…

    I wonder what could he thought… why that drunk girl is staring at me? hahahahaha


  21. ^ He sounds like a nice dude, Master Tsukai… I think I’m too afraid of Paul Banks to ever try to get a picture. I’d just pinch his cola gorda and pretend somebody else did it … I tried to call Banksy with my mind at the SF show… I think he looked over at me… maybe he was looking at Stella and her friends and my sissy. They’re all cute little slags. Your pen didn’t work?! But that sucks! :)

    * what’s all this about Brad Renfro?!

    * Guys, I understand that Banksy is human and he has moods. I was just teasing… I’d still bang him.


  22. Lala

    Great enterview Anners and Master T! Love your Interpol stories tell us more please!!
    Master I first saw in the Rabid that called Paul Cola Gorda and then told Anners that little story jeje :)

    I think Paul is such a Diva jajaja I hate you Mr.Banks you sessy bytch jajaja.

    Me and Sara I think he´s recovering of alcohol.

    Dinos más Master por favor.


  23. Don’t be affraid of Paul… he doesn’t bite :P Atl least he is nicer than Carlos

    Did i tell you when I met Carlos and Paul… because i was drunk… i could kiss both in thei chicks? hihihi now i feel embarrassed of that… but in that moment it was funny


  24. ooooo i can’t remember how he smells!!! damn!

    the only thing i can’t remember is that he is tall, has big and beautiful hands… his accent when he speaks spanish… his evil eyes…


  25. kick

    Master Tsukai–Thank you for sharing your stories. Paul scares me and I would never go up to him. But he is still disturbingly sexy. I’m glad you like OLTA as well. Are we like the only 2 people who like it? I think I over-listened a tad to Antics and TOTBL. My boyfriend actually hid antics from me for a few days as he thought I was going interpol craaaazzzzyyyyy and listening to it 10 times a day.


  26. * Thanks Mike!

    * Kick: OMG! That is funny. He hid it? And that is the question i forgot to ask! I knew I forgot something!

    * Master Tsukai, is Daniel taller than you?

    * Jajajajjajajajja, Ugg: Cigarettes and Evil….


  27. Ugg

    solrac came up with the idea of making a “evil paul” video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST IDEA!! so i’m making it I THINK. HAHAHAHHA this is getting out of control.


  28. allisonwonders

    Master Tsukai: I love your quote in Q Magazine. I TOTALLY know what you mean- they make me enjoy my depression. I once listened to nothing but Interpol for three months straight- absolutely no other music but interpol on the cd or mp3. It was therapeutic!


  29. stella

    short but sweet quote. i think we can all agree with master tsukai.

    i freaking love interpol. and when i met carlos, it was when he was djing and ppl were bumping into his turntables and we would look at one another and give that “geezus” sigh. he was nice enough to look up everytime i wanted to take his pic on my cellphone.
    daniel is a small fellow. he glances a lot if you get his attention…


  30. velaa510

    I met paul (whom I love by the way) and he was really nice to me considering i stopped him in the middle of the street! he was so patient and asked me what my name was and everything… eh even shook my hand… he was sooo cute! it made me love him even more! maybe he is mean… but he was not mean to me he was pretty nice…


  31. la maleditaa (cris)

    “I think I would like to look like her at her age and being with a hot man 10 years younger… that’s an image of success hahahaha.”



  32. La Maleditaa!
    hahaha naaa i don’t think Paul belongs to hell :P but now I will think where he belongs… (To anners maybe?)

    And yes! Daniel is the best :D

    I love Depeche Mode, and have lots of depeche friends… In 2006, I was soooo lucky and i could take a picture with all Depeche Mode in a backstage… in that moment I thought i could die happy already… :P


  33. Haha that was a very funny interview. And I love Master T she is the bestest! I remember after the San Francisco show it was funny when the Magazine was interviewing us and I told them that she came all the way from Mexico and they we knew each other from the forum! They though that was very cool! But they didn’t seem to put me in the artical those suckers lol…


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