This Be Your Last Chance


Lala sent me this pic..   Thanks Lala!   And how appropriate!  Guys, the awesome D. Solrac has been kind enough to actually dream us up a T-shirt design with the help of someone named  “The Artist.” So mysterious.   So brilliant.  Please Click HERE and let her know what size you want.   This is the LAST EPHING DAY to say you want one.

If you’ve already done this, understand that you are cool beans and that you can ignore this message.  The T-shirts are white and they will have the design showed in the link.    All we need are the sizes at this point.   The prices should be reasonable.   I mean we’ve all bought t-shirts before…

You’ll be the coolest freak at the next Interpol concert. 

* I am sorry.   Think I’m coming down with the flu or something…  will post in the afternoon.    Good day to all.  

*** D.Solrac, I will personally send you an email with eveyone’s sizes around midnight PST.  Is that cool?  So don’t worry about having to go through the posts with a notepad or anything.  :)


9 thoughts on “This Be Your Last Chance

  1. Morgan

    Lala – That is one hot pic of Banks! :)

    Everybody order a t-shirt! They are 100% Banks-approved! Plus, it’s an original by “The Artist.” That in itself is a good enough reason to get one. :)


  2. D. Solrac

    Anners-you can email me the info, that’s fine!

    Well, this is it. I can’t wait to be sporting one of these fine t-shirts. Now, I’m off to serve the Artist his mid-afternoon snack. He’s very demanding…but what artist isn’t? :)


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