Stop The Presses !


Puff The Magic Diddy is not changing his GD stupid ass name.   There were sordid rumors going around that he was going to change his name yet again, to the more human-sounding Sean John.   Not gonna happen, though.  Thank God for that.   He needs to hurry up and release some more recycled music and stop giving people heart attacks with his name issues.

Who started this stupid rumor by the way?  I mean, really.



6 thoughts on “Stop The Presses !

  1. danerslarue

    Why are you up posting at 9 AM? Crazy gal!

    And why am I still up? I needs to go to sleep! Nighters, Anners, Anners, Anners, Anners, Anners Nicole!


  2. danerslarue

    Hey, tell mes how you get all those extra people who comments things. I only got five heads on mine. You have like 30!


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