Greetings, Slags


Just thought I’d put a post up so that you won’t have to keep witnessing my perverse love for Orlando Bloom everytime you come here.   Damn! That does sound presumptuous, doesn’t it?  As if you return to this site.  Hahahaha! I am really reluctant to do these:  “Sorry, posting will be sparse posts” because it sounds like I have millions of people waiting with bated breath for me to post something.   That’s not how it is.

I do get way more blog hits than I am actually comfortable with because there’s a group of about 15 or 20 of you hot slags who regularly leave me brilliant comments (thank you by the way, makes me feel like I’m not talking to myself ) and that leaves about hundreds of readers who drop in and never so much as say a word.   That’s cool, too, I guess.  Live long and prosper, all ye lurkers.   But just know that I am curious about you!  Can you all maybe de-lurk for a split second and say something?  It’d make me ephing gloriously happy!   You don’t ever have to say anything again, okay?   :)

Anyway,  yeah.  So I can’t post today!  I’m still feeling groggy and sick.  It’s gross and energy zapping.  So I will try tomorrow or the day after that.  Also, when I get back on (tomorrow or the day after), posting will probably be less frequent for the next few weeks.   There is a reason for this and I won’t bore you with it, but I will say that when I started this blog last April, I had tons of freetime, and that just isn’t the case anymore.   Boo hoo.

** Cola Gorda:  It’s not over, ladies.   I have not dumped Cola Gorda I miss y’all!  Is that weird? D. Solrac, you have such little faith in a delusional slag!  I saw your comment!   Hee Hee.

Peace, everybody.  Peace and Well-Wishes.



34 thoughts on “Greetings, Slags

  1. I am Miss World and I be a lurker. Sorry bout that I’m just a tad shy :) This blog is fan-phucking-tastic and Ive had many a giggle since I stumbled across it so thank you!


  2. Ugg

    NOT TO PUT THE PRESSURE ON YOU BUT : “because it sounds like I have millions of people waiting with bated breath for me to post something.” <– YOU DO! hahaha i’m just speaking for myself:D but i am patient and will wait for your posts:D that makes them even better! imo we were getting spoiled!
    and jippi, no dumping banks! good! you would have crushed his heart!! poor banksy.


  3. sara

    I agree w/ Ugg! We were definitely getting spoiled!!! But I really do look forward to reading your posts because they always crack me up. AND it makes me happy that you’re kar-azy about Paulie and those guys he plays music w/. hahaaa…

    I’ll continue to wait patiently… :)

    I feel like I just said the very same thing as Ugg…just a tad differently. I’m lame!


  4. Lurker number 2! Have been lurking since November, which would probably earn me a restraining order in the real world…. Love the picture that you’ve posted, Daniel is so cute when he giggles!


  5. Morgan

    Thank you for changing the top pic to Interpol, Anners!! hahaha When and if you get free time, please do more Banksy posts!! His absence on your blog is making me a little depressed, & the thought that you sometimes suggest dumping him saddens me even more. I’ve had to reduce myself to reading the messboards…B-O-R-I-N-G! Please don’t turn on him. He loves you! Cola Gordians 4eva!!


  6. hihiihi I’m a lurker too i guess :P I think i almost have nothing to say :( all clever and funny comments have been already said by all of you girls :)


    Greetings from MExico :)

    Master Tsukai & future baby :P


  7. stella

    i remember i probably lurked for about 2 days and then i finally had the balls to post.
    ive been stuck ever since. how long anners? since sept?


  8. D. Solrac

    Anners – I am a delusional slag! hahahhahha

    Take care of yourself! Just make some quality posts here and there, and don’t worry so much about the quantity. I have always been a lurker on blogs,(actually I hadn’t read so many blogs til yours) but for some reason, the first day I saw yours, I had to say something!!! You are the greatest!
    *and hello to the lurkers! Come on out and play! :)


  9. Saraphina

    Hi Anners, I’m a lurker. I never comment because I’m pretty shy. Anyways I love your blog and hope you feel better soon. I love Interpol too.


  10. Miss World !
    Malantha ! (You’re not a lurker !!)
    Ellen !
    Seraphina !

    Hee Hee ! Thank you for coming out, ladies… Don’t be shy, we’re all nice. It’s okay if you lurk, though. :)

    * D.Solrac, Sara, Ugg, Me, Stella, Morgan, Master Tsukai (ha! The Great Master Tsukai talks to me!!!) : You all are very sweet and awesome. Thank you for the support. I be very weak.

    – Stella! Was it September?! Damnnnnnn. It was just the 2 of us for a while there… :)


  11. tamuchi

    Just de-lurking again to say, “Hi!” and I just read that Four Tribes post – that is ephing brill! I would totally join that messboard. Hope you feel better, Anners!


  12. allisonwonders

    Hi Anners! Hope you feel better soon! I’m feeling old! Is it foolish for a 40 year old to have a crush on a scrawny 33 year old Kessy? I mean, his arse is smaller than mine! :)


  13. googie

    .. i’m getting the feeling you may be a bit over gordita…. i just dont feel the passion.
    that ok tho.. maybe becoming just a healthy interest? or since he isnt on tour there is no new gossip to find anyway… things will heat up again possibly.

    and one day i will explain to you how you changed my life. ho ho ho. good story for a rainy day. but anyway.. keep it up, you aret talking to yourself…


  14. * Thanks Tamuchi! What tribe are u?

    * Hi AllisonWonders ! I really don’t find it all that foolish… besides his arse is smaller than everybody’s anyway… Don’t feel old! You’re as young as you feel. Cliche, but true.

    * Oh no! Googie, you don’t feel the passion? You know what I think it is? I’m not listening to Interpol as much. I’ll snap back into it. It’ll be gross, too. Just u wait.

    Oh! You said I changed your life in some small way?! For the better, I hope?! I’m speechless! Okay, I will wait for that day you choose to disclose that info… with bated breath. :)

    * Thanks Lala, you’re the sweetest Cola Gordita evers. :)


  15. Shay

    Ok, I’m so totally de-lurking myself at the moment. You caught me. I’m a lurker and have been for some time now. Stalker? No. Love this blog? Heck yes.

    I love this blog to death and I have to agree with Ugg, YOU DO have us holding our breaths. lol. You crack me up, so thanks and I’m officially de-lurking myself…for good.


  16. Kelly

    Anners I was a lurker at first. Your posts were too fun not to comment:) Please don’t get stressed – first and foremost this should be fun for you!


  17. Aww, I’ve never left a comment on anything like this before so thanks to all you ladies for making a lass feel welcome and less awkward :). I’ve been lurking here since about October when I stumbled across it whilst googling Paul Banks *blush*. And I thought it was such a great blog, that I’ve been hooked ever since. Anyhoo I’m gabbing on but I just wanted to say thanks *major blush* :)


  18. * Hi Shay! Thanx… and Yay! You’re gonna delurk for good!!! :)

    * Aw, thanks Kelly.

    * Really, Miss World? You never left a comment anywhere? That’s cool beans! Glad you feel welcome… :)


  19. tamuchi

    Feeling better, Anners?

    In response to your query, I would be of the Cola Gordian persuasion (Banksy just slays me), BUT I think I would have to be a member of each tribe just to keep tabs on everything Interpol. Although I’ve got a major fangirl crush on The Banks, I really do love me some of The Fog (I think it’s because I’m closer in age to Fog and totally get everything he says in his ‘views).


  20. Anonymous Coward! You ended up in the spam pile. Sorry about that, darling. And you wuz banned for a good reason!

    And how have u been? Happy New Year, by the way!


  21. Anonymous Coward

    Thanks, that’s very nice of you.

    I really don’t think people not having a brown nose is a good reason for banning them.

    You can do whatever you like, of course, but to than see you moan about people not commenting did make me chuckle a bit.


  22. danerslarue

    HA! It’s Keira, I mean, Anonymous Coward! Long time, no see, didn’t miss you, tho. Ok, maybe I did. You and your witty retorts.


  23. Good to see you haven’t changed, AC.

    * I don’t ban people because they aren’t dark-complected! That’d be racist! BTW, You weren’t banned for not kissing my arse… obviously you’ve left PLENTY of comments here that weren’t that sweet… I banned you because you were phucking annoying.

    * Was I moaning, or just being silly? There is a difference.

    * I’m sorry your performance in Atonement failed to garner an Oscar nomination. :(


  24. danerslarue

    Wait, Anners, you moaned about people not commenting? When did that happen? And if you ban people for not kissing your arse, how come I’m still here? I mean, I tell you Orly’s gay all da time!!

    Oh, and yes, so sad, AC they just ignored your performance in Atonement. Maybe if you truly knew how to act, it could have been different


  25. Anonymous Coward

    Is this a deliberate good cop/bad cop(s) act, or is “Janers” actually a much sympathetic person than the rest of you?


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