Just To Share A Tea, Soda, Drink (etc)!!!!


Okay, I stole that line from La Maleditaaaaa.  Ha.  I love her.  My other favorites from her are:   “Let’s share a pie” and the Lord’s Prayer in ecclesiastical Latin.   I posted this pic before, but it’s so nice me had to post it twice.   He’s so full of it, that Cola.  Be what you are, bytch.   He’s holding back the evil in this pic.  He’s blocking that shit and trying to reach his sessy center.  I talk a lot of crap, by the way.   Please don’t take it seriously and think I actually sit down and rough draft these posts.   When I have a moment to spare, I log on and let my fingers fly all over the keyboard and no deep and crititical thought is  ever involved.

There is no ephing reason for this post other than to explain to you that sometimes I feel I am beating a dead horse.   I’ve already talked about all the Interpol CDs.  I’ve  objectified Cola and Carrlos all sorts of ways of which I am most ashamed.  Kessler and Fogarino have largely been spared because I’m just not not that into them.   I’ve teased the messboarders (and I feel sort of bad about that, especially since hahahahaha they have found this blog).

Oh wait, I just found something to yap about!   The subject of Interpol’s B-sides.  Ha!  B-sides!   I like Cola’s B-side…  LPs.  I hate those things!  Stop making me buy shit, okay?  I’m just kidding.  But I am slow to listen to music that never made it onto the proper album.  Anyway, at the risk of irking a lot of you gorgeous and brill Cola Gordians, I must say that I sort of don’t dig the vast majority of the B-sides.

* Song Seven:  I like the music, but I mean how many times does the word ‘come’ need to appear in the beginning of one damn song? I mean, come on!  Here’s a clip of it from la route du rock.   It’s not fair to judge the song by this performance, though.  Cola’s seriously boozed up or something and when Carlos D. started to sing, my ears almost threw up.  I think Daniel Kessler raps, too.  It’s all a little emo.

* The Specialist:  “Speckled Like A Leopard.”  Well, I like that line.  Here’s the song with a youtube montage.   I liked this song, too, at first.   Is something wrong with me, because I don’t like this song anymore?

* Narc (The Cola Gorda Remix):  Bytch ruined Narc!   I hate his remix!  Sowwy, Coca-Cola!  I do dig the other Antics remixes, though.  Yeah, I have that deluxe 2-CD Antics….


50 thoughts on “Just To Share A Tea, Soda, Drink (etc)!!!!

  1. sara

    I’m so thankful for your pervy posts about Paul & Interpol! yay!!!

    I’ve watched lots of the la route du rock on youtube. They all seem so young & tipsy! Cute stuff. I don’t like it when my boyfriend raps in Song Seven, though. I really want to like it…but I don’t. It just seems a little off or something!

    I like Cola’s remix…but it’s not as good as the original song. Not even close.

    And you’re over the Specialist? Maybe you’ll like it again some day (?). I love that song!


  2. sara

    By the way, I really don’t feel that all of your posts are pervy. It sorta’ seems as though that’s what I meant (first sentence).

    Geez. I just woke up… :(


  3. You like Cola’s mix, Sara? Eek! I’m sorry. I hate speaking ill of peoples music. I dunno, it just creeps me out a little…

    The Specialist… yeah, I just am not feeling that song… maybe I’ll get into it again one of these says. That’s what usually happens…

    You’re not affected by the Tornadoes are you? That’s scary! Hope Morgan’s okay and all you Southerners…

    Okay, Have a good one!



  4. sara

    Nope. No tornados here! I hope Morgan & D.Solrac (and anyone else in the South) are ok…

    Hope you have a good day, too! Thank you for the pervy post (ha!), Anners! :)


  5. Ugg

    :O:O:O hahah just kidding. i’m not a big fan of cola’s mix either.but it’s sweet. but carlos public pervert mix is awesome. sexyyyyyy.specialist and song seven are among my top top top favorites. love love all over the place. and i like your perviness if that’s a word. i hope you get in a specialist mood one day, cause it’s awfully HOTTTTTANDSEXY. i love the “ooo” and tht is prob not cola i don’t know and it pisses me off, but i pretend it is. hahahaha


  6. D. Solrac

    It sure was windy here yesterday – the poor people on the Mardi Gras floats wearing headresses as big as sails were having some major problems – but overall, there were no tornadoes.

    Song Seven is one of my favorite Interpol songs – and I even like that Narc remix. And please keep up the perving, if you can!


  7. Specialist is the best Interpol son ever… oooo but Song Seven is so tender… :)

    greetings all of you! I hope you are ok… I have this pregnancy nauseas that don’t let me check a lot internet… i don’t know why… i will try to check the blog often… :)

    kisses Anners and all slags :)


  8. Morgan

    I am okay, Anners. That is sweet of you to think about all of us way down yonder. hahaha :)

    This post scares the hell outta me. Keep the Cola Gorda love alive!

    Specialist is all sorts of special & Song Seven is pure heaven. Maybe you need to de-tox for a couple of weeks. That may be why you are not digging these songs anymore? I am not a huge fan of any re-mixed song be it Interpol or anyone else for that matter so I can see the dislike for the re-mixes.


  9. sara

    Hi allisonwonders! :)

    Maybe I don’t like it because I sense that he did it to impress one of his other girlfriends…ha! I’m a little jealous. ;)


  10. tamuchi

    Really, do u need a reason to post about Cola? Keep the flame alive!

    I lurve Specialist (definitely in my Top 5 songs of all time) and have a fondness for Song Seven. The only “not official because they’re not on an album” Interpol songs I’m not keen on are Direction and Interlude. But I really dig on 5 because of Kessler’s screaming and the surf-y sound.

    My part of KY missed the tornadic activity last night, but I really do feel for everyone who was in the midst of it all.


  11. D. Solrac

    What about good old Precipitate – also one of my favorites.

    I need to check the news about these tornadoes! The last two years, we have gotten absoutley hammered by them – which is strange because I never remember tornadoes hitting here…could it be…climate change??????? hmmmm. And the fact that yesterday was 81 freaking degrees??? Feb 5th???


  12. ^ an incinvenient truth, much, D. Solrac? Precipitate… this list shall be continued tomorrow.

    * Hi peoples! Um… this post came off more negative than I wanted it to… will fix tomorrow. Toldja I didn’t think!! :)

    * kisses back, Tsukai!


  13. Jossie

    I hates specialist,just because everybody loves it.

    I want to bytch slap Daniel senseless for singing.

    Narc is not a proper remix, arent they supossed to be longer and kinda dancy? well he fails at it, i love carlos because is very depeche mode,i think he secretly wnats to join that band,sam is my 2nd favorite and Daniel’s is cool, i like not even jail remix better than antics,i dont have the deluxe edition,i have antics and remix cd


  14. Anners is evil… she just killed my liking for interpol after I saw the video of “song seven” she pointed out…:-(

    well, seriously, my liking for interpol is not dead and I had seen pieces of that performance several times but without putting to much attention.. now, I know why! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Paul had said that he was really wasted that day cause he was nervous, and Carlos should never sing like a that again and daniel, oh daniel, thank god he´s a talented guitar player… As usual, Sam kept it cool.. .HAHAHAHAHA

    Oh, my favorite is specialist by the way, that´s an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G song… :-)


  15. stella

    i looove daniels little rhyme in song seven.
    my friend danielle creams her panties everytime he sings that part, “the love the hate the things that seperate”


  16. Kelly

    Glad to hear you southerners are okay. Can’t wait to get home to watch the vid of Daniel singing/rapping. Should be good!


  17. kick

    I don’t really watch a lot of the La Route du Rock show. Cola looks 14 and his voice sounds awful. They have definitely improved with age.


  18. D. Solrac

    HaHa I’m just thinking we used to have this thing in college we called a “soda and pie party” Sounds like this is the direction that La Maledita is going in…


  19. I want to have a soda and pie party! Ha. What’d you study in college, Solrac?

    Kick, yeah I don’t like the la route stuff for all the same reasons (why am I Hating on Interpol today? — Jeez!) :)

    * I’m gonna listen to all this remix stuff tonight and get back to you peoples.


  20. D. Solrac

    Anners – soda and pie parties were alot of fun!

    Ummmm, what DID i study in college?

    There is also a great remix of Untitled by someone called Datassette – The Artist shared this with me a while ago, and it is hard to find. (of course)


  21. tamuchi

    D. Solrac – I’ve been bad…I completely forgot about Precipitate. Banksy makes my mind break in pieces. I think we should throw a soda and pie party and invite him.

    Remixes are da bomb. I grew up in the era of the 12″ – remember those? And I’m talkin’ vinyl :). Anyway, I totally dig The Scientist Dubmix of The Heinrich Maneuver, and that Phones remix is…interesting. The Arthur Baker remix of Obstacle 1 does me some logical harm.

    Off to go watch some more la Route du Rock…


  22. Lala

    Hi girls!!!
    I love Specialist and Song Seven the Daniel rap is ja funny but great.

    I like la route series Cola looks cute and baby je.


  23. Kelly

    Just out of curiosity, if you are planning to go furniture shopping, don’t you bring your boyfriend to carry the heavy stuff? Where is Cola?

    Stella, you can also go to a fashion show with a friend. The Cougar sure does seem to have a whole lotta young male friends. ;)


  24. stella

    i just have high hopes that’s all.
    my friend saw pb&h at the marc jacobs show.
    sonic youth performed, how cool is that?!


  25. Kelly

    “and by ‘interesting’ I mean full of PEEN.”

    Anners, that made me laugh so hard. You have such a way wif words. Indeed, she is the “Queen of Peen.”


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