Shag or Gag ?



I double-dog dare you to deny this thing a shag!   It’s Shemar Ephing Moore.  It’s the law that you have to say you would shag him.  No gags allowed.  Thank you, Kelly, for suggesting Shemar!  By the way, please feel free to email me or whatever with suggestions.




^ Jajajajjajajjajajajjajaja!


Nekkid!  Nekkid!





13 thoughts on “Shag or Gag ?

  1. joders

    Yeah, ok, I’d shag him.

    That nekkid pic was supposedly taken when he accidently stumbled accross a gay nude beach. He said he thought that it was a regular, run of the mill nude beach.

    No matter, I’d still shag him.


  2. Ugg

    haha he was on a “sexy brunettes” countdown thing on tv a couple of days ago I THINK.
    WELL, SHAG I GUESS. he has nice eyes. and i wouldn’t kick him out of bed. hahaha.
    but i really hate big muscles..he needs to stop working out and get bulimia or something, then i’d REALLY shag him.


  3. joders

    Orly can look a little pumped too sometimes. Though not like Shemar.

    Ok, I’m taking my 12 hour long migraine to bed. And I expect to wake up tomorrow with another migraine which will last another 12 hours.

    Nighters Anners. Sweet (Orly) dreams.


  4. jane121

    He is a hot piece, but after the whole nude gay beach thing all I can see is the pretty in his eyes and a body that spends all day at the gym (checking out guys).


  5. he’s not GAY, buh he is secsi. i say SHAG to the max!!

    and if u dont like him, ur 50% racist haha (he’s bi-racial and junk haha)
    and umm u shude do boris kodjoe next. he’s austrian speaks span, german, and french


  6. Kelly

    Stella, you called it correctly. Yucky pics of Shemar turned up on Perez this week where he appears to be overcompensating for something…

    Oh dear, after viewing pics of him with a girl’s toes in his mouth, I’m switching to GAG.


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