Time For Another Song, I Think


Seriously, I just wanted to post this pic because Cola looks cute.   Wow, you guys got 2 Banksy posts today!   I’m just sorry that they both BLOWS.   I also wanted to announce that I have expunged No I In Threesome from my ipod because it also blows.

* I also thought it’d be cool beans to write another song for Interpol!  They’re tired and shiz because they’ve been on tour for 12 years and it’s the least us fans can do to pay them back for the wonderful amish music they’ve given us over the years.   I’m gonna start the song this time, but I’m gonna do it in the comments, because I’m a chicken.


43 thoughts on “Time For Another Song, I Think

  1. Outside the periphery of the sun/ there’s dead water on my thumb / I see you and I don’t want to lie.

    There’s a sad dolphin in the woods/ and a coatrack on the floor / I was open for discussion but I’m not open anymore.


  2. me

    oh! and it rhymes, too!! (I’m easily amused.)
    I sorta based mine off yours, Anners.

    Swimming through the leaves, I don’t come up for air.
    My hair is mussed, and I want to hang my hat up, but I’m not home anymore.


  3. sara

    “wonderful amish music”? You’re cracking me up! ahahaahaaa…

    calculating rabbit fur & a single rose petal/countless starry mornings & an unsung nettle



  4. Kelly

    in dark dreams i cradle the ancient knee of plastic duplicity
    my hand is remorse, my hand is remorse

    i hold the fur of authority, twice, i keep it safe

    **sorry, who is alan nussbien?


  5. stella

    i can honestly say that paul looks so out of place.
    it’s like he doesnt know how to react. i mean he’s sitting next to ellen pompeo of all people. and i bet she has no idea what greatness sits besides her. i hate these slags. can’t we just go back to good ol phucking the groupies thing? i think i prefer him better that way.
    oh it’s a grey day in interpoldom..


  6. D. Solrac


    the deep-buried assumptions
    of machinery.
    Sailing to the Yucatan, oh sailing –
    Your skin is jungle-covered
    as I identify
    the complex of temples
    that disappeared beneath
    your casually deterministic
    view of events.

    Gepetto, Gepetto,Gepetto………..


  7. Gepetto! Jajajjajaaa!

    * Alan NuSSbien: Hahhahahahahahaa! Morgan, what the hell is that dude talking about? By the way, that was a crappy lyric! :)

    * My hand is remorse?! Brill.

    * More greatness from D. Solrac!

    * C’mon peoples, this song ain’t gonna write itself!


  8. sara

    Gepetto, D. Solrac! :) You really tied all of the verses together by throwing that in there again. Genius!

    And “sailing to the Yucatan, oh sailing” cracked me up! I almost choked on my sandwich…


  9. stella

    the only thing i find cool in this photo is that paul is holding a “sonic youth: goo” shirt that i want so bad…
    lucky bastard!


  10. stella

    morgan: can we beat up the ex and steal it from him? i don’t feeling like beating up paul for it..

    oh and helena’s dress is purty too…and so is her arm candy


  11. D. Solrac

    Oh man, is he still carrying around her fur coat in that picture? Is that an impossible t-shirt to get?
    Do ya’ll like that dress? It looks a little bit like underwear. I do like the old lady who is giving H.C. a look in that pic, tho.
    And, does she have to ham it up for every picture? C’mon. Just be normal, like Paul. (and look half dead.) hahah!!!


  12. D. Solrac

    Wait, I think he actually carrying around 2 of her coats. The one she had on over her dress, and the fur. How nice of him!


  13. Morgan

    Solrac – I wasn’t really talking about that dress in particular, but on all of the other 608 pictures of her on JAMD, her clothes are fab. I think she’s too tan to look half dead.


  14. Morgan

    That’s prob just his fur coat. hahaha

    We are SO off topic. Sorry, Anners! I can’t come up with any lyrics. Mine are way too elementary compared to the others so I won’t even bother.


  15. stella

    yeah, u can get it (the SY shirt) on ebay apparently… but i hate unlicensed goods IMO.
    and yes she has to ham it up; didnt she get paid for that for like 10 years?.. bitch, professional poseur..ergg..

    paul looks like he needs to escape..into my arms that is.
    joking. my silliness gets me through the last hour of work.


  16. stella

    Anners* i can’t believe you expelled that dead fetus called “no i in thresome” from your ipod!! i was almost inclined to do that to “who do you think?”


  17. D. Solrac

    Wait – I can come up with some bad lyrics:

    First priestess
    of the Aquamarine Ocean
    A natural channel,
    she sometimes feared the private beach
    agitated and desirous,
    grasping at the failure of wills.
    Swooning mystical arrivals,
    our correspondences are the like
    the sudden raisings of the sail….
    decorative kitchen ornaments.


  18. D. Solrac

    Sorry, there should be no THE between are and like the sudden raisings….

    And Morgan, you are great at this -please contribute~!


  19. D. Solrac

    oh, and I do agree that she has really excellent taste in clothes. That’s like the only thing I’ve ever seen her in that I don’t like. Capricorn women have great taste!


  20. tamuchi

    Bad lyrics? No prob!

    Cougar lady of the long brown hair
    Wind-kissed, soda pop of my despair
    Cougar lady with the keen fashion sense
    Our ship nears without imminence


  21. me

    Why are you, Anners and Stella, calling No I in Threesome a dead fetus??? It is a wonderful, cute chubby, not-dead baby. Stop hating. :P


  22. stella

    d. solrac* are u saying i have great taste too? i’m a Crappycorn too!
    oh great it makes sense now. i had no idea helena was a capricorn. pauls a taurus. no wonder they get a long..


  23. D. Solrac

    yeah! Exactly! Taurus and Capricorn is a very magnetic combination. Don’t you think???
    I’m a Crappycorn too (poor little Christmas baby, just like the H.C.) – and yes, I am saying that you have great taste! (I’m guessing anyway)


  24. stella

    all my friends seem to always be tauruses, capricorns or virgos.
    i’m a january baby..
    crappycorns unite!
    glad to hear u are a capricorn as well d. solrac!
    i think i have ok taste… gawd i’m modest. i have fucking great taste! bahahaha


  25. stella

    oh yes, libras are cool as shit. i had an ex who had the most impeccable taste in music.
    and anners, i agree u have GREAT taste!!
    “what’s it like to be a loon, i liken it to a balloon…”
    sorry, does that have any correlation? only in my head..


  26. D. Solrac

    I have more than one good friend that is actually born on May 3rd (Cola’ birthday) But, alot of my friends are Leos as well. But, I’ve had many a man-friend that was Taurus. Well, not prob as many as some people, but enough to know to stay away from the Taurus men if I want to stay sane.
    I too think I have good taste – esp. in the house decorating dept. And I would have good taste in the clothing dept if I myself didn’t look like a dumpy person.
    And Libra’s are cool too!!!!!!!!


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